Greetings, Earthlings what is your npub?

Exciting news, Plebs!

Austin-based Stacker News is launching Outer Space!

As a pioneer in the Lightning ecosystem since 2021, the Founder of Stacker News, Keyan (@k00bideh), is dipping his toes in Nostr. Following in the footsteps of Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, and Hacker News before Stacker News represents the next generation of media interaction in a world deeply integrated with Lightning. Described as "a Lightning-powered Bitcoin news site modeled after Hacker News (which is modeled after Reddit), "The intent is to create a better place to discuss Bitcoin."

👾 Initial thoughts?

It will be interesting to see if he reimagines and transforms how we interact and engage within decentralized ecosystems like Nostr and whether he can foster more meaningful and dynamic connections, which still needs to improve. 🎯 His foresight in recognizing the potential of the value-for-value model early on should not be understated.

🛸 What is Outer Space? and What do we know so far...

Stacker News is creating Outer Space and is set to unveil the latest iteration of its platform on Nostr.

Outer Space Project by @k00b

I was going to keep Outer Space super private/mysterious and assume another nym but it’s really hard to do given:

  1. I work in a coworking space
  2. I historically “work in public” online.

I’d have to fake a drug addiction or something and pretend I just wasn’t getting anything done.


Anyway, Outer Space is where I’m going to attempt to build SN-like things into/on/for nostr. SN will remain and continue to be improved - ideally sharing as much code/improvements with Outer Space as possible. Outer Space is like an R&D project answering the question of whether the problems SN solves can be solved in a decentralized way (with nostr as ground zero).

Outer Space is just a landing page right now where you can reserve a NIP-05 and lightning address, but I wanted to kickstart it and have somewhere to host the progress.

AFAICT Roadmap

  • NIP-05
  • Non-custodial & hybrid custodial Lightning wallet/address/etc:
    a. Support fully non-custodial wallet connections
    b. Provide optional sat capped custodial wallet for offline receives and in app payment simplicity, i.e. a small custodial buffer with non-custodial (or other-custodian) overflow
  • Basic nostr client/relay
  • client/relay with value rank support

It’s been an open question whether I can build SN into nostr since its inception. I guess we’ll find out.

👽 How out of this world is it?

Stacker News has seen tremendous growth since its inception. 

Stacker News is currently experiencing a surge in search traffic as the world increasingly embraces Bitcoin, Lightning, and Nostr. This exponential growth highlights the growing importance of these technologies and the vital role Stacker News plays in fostering discussions and engagement within our still very niche community.

🤙 Reserve your NIP-05 and Lightning Address today, and I will see you in Outer Space!