Car and Ted cover a diverse range of interesting topics, including space exploration, the Starship rocket from SpaceX, the Kardashev scale, and the Apollo missions. They also discuss the impact of Earth's resources on our planet and the potential for utilizing Bitcoin. Maximizing value in all areas of life and the significance of honesty and humility in startup building are emphasized. They also delve into the Austin startup culture, common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, recent events like SXSW, and developments in space exploration.

Topics discussed:

  • spacex
  • earth resources
  • mars
  • starship
  • apollo missions
  • low earth orbit
  • moon
  • neil armstrong
  • orbital docking
  • kardashev scale
  • building startups
  • startup mistakes
  • value props
  • building on bitcoin
  • being rigorous
  • austin startup culture
  • humbleness
  • honesty
  • maximum value
  • sxsw
  • boca chica
  • united launch alliance
  • blue origin

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