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Use Thriller to publish and republish your blog posts, press releases, and technology updates. With our dedicated readership of developers and plebs, we’re a reliable partner to get the good word out and grow your presence across the Bitcoin space.

  • Launch Pad - Give your Bitcoin company a voice. Thriller provides a way to tell your company's story to the bitcoin space.
  • Bitcoin Brands Start Here - Thriller prides itself on covering the latest projects and brands in the space. Unsurprisingly, we have covered and helped some of the fastest-growing startups.
  • Exposure - Once we hit ‘Publish’ on a story, it gets distributed via our growing email newsletter, bitcoin twitter, rss, stacker news, bitcoin-only newsletters, and more.

Here is our #ProofOfWork this month.

Total Requests - Analytics for Jan - Feb 2023

Bitcoin companies we have worked with include; BitEscrow, Stacker.News, Beef Initiative, Oshi, Bitcoin Company, Base58, Zaprite, and PlebLab, to name a few.

Bitcoin events we have covered in the past include; Bitcoin Conference, Bit Block Boom, BitcoinBlockParty, Beef Initiative Conference, SATSx, and Bitcoin++, to name a few.

Value provided

Unique Visitor - Analytics for Jan - Feb 2023
  • What do I get? - We create a sponsored post around your company at the beginning of the month. Followed by placing your Bitcoin company-sponsored linked ad in every post on Thriller. Finally, our menu bar recognizes your company with a sponsored link every month.
  • What are your metrics? - We average between 11-15K unique views a month. That is not bad for a bear market. See below for even more metrics.
  • How much? - We do flat monthly sponsorship at an affordable rate. Please get in touch with us if you are interested. We believe we can help your company.

Monthly Sponsorships

Here at Thriller, were taking the Gruber approach to how we do ads. We will adjust and learn over time.


August - 1 slot Available
September - 1 slot Available
October - 1 slot Available

About Thriller's Audience

Thriller pod Analytics - United States 53.21% Germany 6.93% United Kingdom 6.5% Canada 3.79% Spain3.3% Poland 1.78% Australia 1.77% Switzerland 1.54% Argentina 1.54% Mexico 1.16% France 1.14% India 1.1% Netherlands 1.09% Italy 1.03%
  • 📈 Estimated Thriller Bitcoin monthly views: 11k - 16k unique visitors and growing (30K unique visitors last month.)
  • 📰 Estimated Thriller RSS feed subscribers: Over 1K and growing.
  • 🫂 Twitter followers on the @thrillerbitcoin account: Over 1k and growing.
  • 🔊 Podcast monthly listens: Over 1300 downloads per month and growing. We use transistor to track actual downloads and listens. We do not spam our podcasts to RSS sites. Transistor makes sure Thriller numbers are not inflated.
  • 🟠 Value for Value: ⚡️20,000 sats monthly from the pod alone in boosts and streaming. ⚡️1,100,000 million monthly from our publication alone. (We believe this is the most important metric here.)

Thriller has an entire audience of Bitcoin plebs, developers, designers, founders, venture capitalists, and a thriving Bitcoin community here in Austin, Texas. If you are local to Austin, definitely reach out.

To schedule a sponsorship or for additional information, email below.

Why Thriller?

Thriller is Austin's premier Bitcoin zine, dedicated to providing high-quality content and coverage of the latest developments in Bitcoin. Since our founding in 2020, we've published over 330 articles, produced 138 podcast episodes, and covered some of Austin's most prominent Bitcoin events and hackathons.

Our community of readers and listeners continues to grow, with a monthly reach of 11k-16k unique visitors, including over 1k RSS subscribers, 1k Twitter followers, and more than 1200 podcast downloads per month. Please consider donating to Thriller today to support our mission of informing and educating others about the world of Bitcoin. With your help, we can continue producing high-quality content and expand our reach further. Thank you for your support!

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