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  1. My project got hacked and user funds were stolen
  2. Ecash on Bitcoin Educational Resources
  3. Doom is not a strategy
    • Is fiat doom prophecy just wishful thinking? @jtwoodhouse argues bitcoiners see doom everywhere to justify their laziness.
    • 9.8k sats \ 30 comments \ @jtwoodhouse
  4. Bitcoin Circular Economy - a hard to achieve goal for many people
    • For those of us that want bitcoin to be more than a digital rock, merchant adoption is bitcoin's holy grail. Coach @DarthCoin shouts advice about how to get there.
    • 5k sats \ 47 comments \ @DarthCoin
  5. Long-Term Support For Calle
    • OpenSats announces long term financial sponsorship of @calle, the developer behind the Cashu ecash mint.
    • 1.6k sats \ 8 comments \ @siggy47
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  1. @Undisciplined: 104.2k sats stacked
  2. @BlokchainB: 90.7k sats stacked
  3. @Rsync25: 89.3k sats stacked
  4. @grayruby: 74.8k sats stacked
  5. @k00b: 74.2k sats stacked

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  1. @k00b: 232k sats spent
  2. @kruw: 100.4k sats spent
  3. @grayruby: 57.7k sats spent
  4. @Undisciplined: 57.1k sats spent
  5. @foundationdvcs: 50.2k sats spent

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  1. @k00b: 391 days
  2. @BitcoinIsTheFuture: 288 days
  3. @Undisciplined: 270 days
  4. @JerryGarcia: 270 days
  5. @OneOneSeven: 263 days

  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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