Car talks with Alex Strenger a local business owner. Strenger dives into the complexities of media influence, the far-reaching power of George Soros-backed organizations, and the ominous threats of surveillance states. He shares his concerns about the narratives surrounding social justice, the implications of CBDC's, and the shifting sands of public perception. From there, the conversation takes a personal turn as Alex recounts his experiences as a pedicab driver, the state of law enforcement in Austin, and his intriguing encounters with controversial figures. Alex also sheds light on the drug activity plaguing Austin, including a hilarious tale about a frog named Daryl and a Star Wars-themed musical defending the Empire.

Topics discussed:

  • alex jones
  • censorship 
  • "the narrative"
  • american dream
  • twitter
  • alex stein
  • svb
  • willie nelson
  • austin
  • ut austin
  • airstrikes
  • infowars
  • chaos
  • alex strenger
  • alex rosen
  • frogs
  • star wars
  • local news
  • austin mayor
  • soros
  • based ai
  • forgiveness
  • batman
  • pecan street association
  • dope cloud
  • 6th St report summary
  • faith

Thriller Track List

00:00 Alex Jones' fringe theories now mainstream.
08:39 Tech giants invade privacy, ignite online conflicts.
13:17 Growing sympathy for Alex Jones despite court ruling.
19:26 Zionism, history, self-sovereignty, persecution.
22:38 Realized impact of Bedford bombings, shocking.
31:57 Alex's influence on popular culture is significant.
36:03 Frog's sexuality amid alleged government conspiracy.
42:57 Critiquing Austin's politics and GOP's communication.
44:04 Urgent attention needed for critical communication issue.
54:28 Driven by purpose, seek support for change.
58:12 Ex-porn star's Christian conversion prompts motive scrutiny.
01:03:28 Fear of being deceived in a relationship.
01:10:36 Assault, drug trafficking, fleeing from law enforcement.
01:13:08 Supervise street to address criminal element.
01:18:43 Navigating mental health and happiness in early stages.
01:22:23 Encouraging self-reflection and interpersonal accountability.

Thriller Transcript

Car [00:00:00]:
So just be forewarned. If you're listening to this episode, you are. You're about to get triggered tremendously. So probably skip this one.

Alex [00:00:09]:
We're going to have a discussion about the world around us and how to.

Car [00:00:14]:
Some bitcoiners already.

Alex [00:00:15]:
Some bitcoiners aren't ready for how to navigate this to the best of our abilities.

Car [00:00:19]:
Some bitcoin errs aren't ready for that discussion.

Alex [00:00:21]:
Well, we're here. I mean, it's. I'm not ready for it. That's why I'm trying to make friends with as many people as possible and be as humble as possible. Welcome to thriller bitcoin. Welcome to thriller bitcoin.

Music [00:01:00]:
Those days are gone stop you some wishing for endings turn into scars forget the song that I've been singing lay down the way that I've been holding walk the spring what's the winter in my heart?

Car [00:01:50]:
Alex, how's it going? Welcome to the pod. Welcome to thriller.

Alex [00:01:52]:
Thank you very much. I put my phone in airplane mode just now.

Car [00:01:55]:
Cool. I'll turn off my phone too.

Alex [00:01:57]:
Zero distractions.

Car [00:01:58]:
So let's jump into it. Is Alex Jones really going away?

Alex [00:02:02]:
Well, I don't really know the full blown intricacies of the case, but I do know that at this point in time, everybody is Alex Jones. And so I don't see how you can do this successfully.

Car [00:02:17]:
What do you mean by that? Just because they came after him or.

Alex [00:02:22]:
Well, in terms of everybody being Alex Jones, the stuff that Alex Jones used to say that used to be considered fringe conspiracy theories are not mainstream thought. Right. Like in 2001, if you questioned the validity of 911 and asked, well, how does, how did building seven collapse via controlled demolition when they told me that a plane hit the building? Or why did a record number of put options get placed in the airline company is like days leading up to this event. Why did this coincidentally happen a couple of years after the project for a new american century, which is a neoconservative think tank, wrote out a whole list of ideals about how to spread american democracy in the Middle east, saying that you need a catastrophic event to help fuel this to the next level. If you question that like 25 years ago or not 25 years ago, but 22 years ago, like 20 01 20 02 20 03 four. Right. You were considered a terrorist sympathizer. It was unpatriotic.

Alex [00:03:19]:
You were demonized and pilloried by everybody. You couldn't talk about that in public without getting either ignored, ridiculed, or even threatened with physical violence. Now, if you believe the mainstream narrative. You're just looked upon like a clown.

Car [00:03:38]:
Do you think it's because it was communistic back then and we're becoming less communistic as a country, or you think it's even more communistic?

Alex [00:03:46]:
No, I think that. I don't even know if communism is the right word. I just think that people had more trust and more faith in the media and they had more faith in our institutions. Because remember, in 2000 and 2001, people were successful, right? The american dream was still real. It was attainable. The housing crisis didn't happen yet. The subprime mortgage bubble didn't burst. The Patriot act didn't get signed yet.

Alex [00:04:13]:
And even when it did get signed, a lot of people supported it because we have to get rid of the terrorists and people also. I remember when I went to school, our entire education system was very pro America. America is the best country. Everyone else is bad. We are the good guys. We are protecting freedom and democracy all over the world. This is the Rockefeller funded public education system. Now that we've achieved a lot of those objectives and spent insane amounts of money on these pointless wars in the Middle east, basically enrich bankers and oil execs and all this other stuff, right? And yes, there are terrorists that we did get rid of, and there are some, you know, some national security elements, elements that are legitimate, and you can't discount that.

Alex [00:04:59]:
But by and large, you just helped get bankers and oil executives and technocrats exponentially richer and created the backdrop for a surveillance state. Now the shift is becoming hating America. So like this new generation of kids, they are taught America is racist, we are oppressors, we are colonized.

Car [00:05:17]:
What's up with that?

Alex [00:05:17]:
You are bad because you're white. You are inherently privileged. I got to be a minority. I need to be a minority, and I'm ashamed of my whiteness. So now I'm going to become a transgender and chop my balls off at the age of eight years old so that I can no longer be a part of the oppressor class. And then on the other side, and take us with a grain of salt. I'm not black or hispanic or anything like that. But on the other side, you have the potential for this other group of people to automatically feel as though they are inferior or less than because of their skin color, which is preposterous and ridiculous.

Alex [00:05:56]:
And then instead of embracing the idea of owning investable assets, buying bitcoin, getting a house, having a garden, those are now, like white people activities. Those are like associated with the patriarchy. Those are associated with the oppressor. And I think creating that narrative is, like, a step towards kind of destroying it and destroying the United States through division. And then when that happens, it gets rebuilt by people who don't share any of the values that our country was founded upon. And so I think that this is just a different set of challenges that we're kind of facing right now.

Car [00:06:27]:
Yeah, dude, I always hated that people try to label you and stuff like that, and that just always. That just puts a limit to what you're capable of as a human being, you know?

Alex [00:06:36]:
Are you talking about me personally or just.

Car [00:06:37]:
No, I'm just saying me, like, whenever somebody's like, oh, you're mexican american, right? I'm just like, dude, I'm not gonna label myself, because as soon as I put me on a label, I'm just, like, limiting myself, what I can accomplish in the world.

Alex [00:06:48]:
Dude, the right is doing it now, too, with all the jew hatred.

Car [00:06:51]:
What do you mean?

Alex [00:06:53]:
You don't go on Twitter?

Car [00:06:54]:
No, I deleted my twitter because it's completely.

Alex [00:06:56]:
Cause it's a cesspool and it's woke.

Car [00:06:58]:
And it's algorithmic, and it's doing some in weirdly devilish things.

Alex [00:07:03]:
It's very devilish, and it's very algorithmic. And there's actually a new term. It's called the woke right.

Car [00:07:08]:
Okay, I didn't know that.

Alex [00:07:09]:
And, you know, like, the woke left, it's obvious. Everything's identity politics. And, like, you know, if you don't suck the girl penis, you're a fascist, basically. Like, that's kind of to be really, like, to be as simplistic as possible in terms of making the generalization. But the woke right is, like, everything's identity politics, but it's all anti white, right. And it's all. Jews are controlling everything. We have the Zionist occupied.

Car [00:07:34]:
What side is this? What is this?

Alex [00:07:35]:
It's. It's a fringe of the right wing. Like, this Nick Fuentes groiper like faction of, like, the. The right wing.

Car [00:07:40]:

Alex [00:07:42]:
And so you're seeing actually a lot more of that than you are just woke. Like, when I go on x, I don't see, like, wokeness anymore. Like, if I were to go on x and only consume X or Twitter, I would think that that stuff has actually died and a new form of wokeness is taking place, and it's just become jew hatred.

Car [00:08:00]:

Alex [00:08:03]:
I had no idea or just trying to say, like. Or just being this doppelganger where it's like, oh, I was so angry. People were so angry about like, oh, my God, I don't want to get canceled because of. Because I criticized BLM or cause I didn't want to get a vaccine or cause I like Donald Trump or, you know, for whatever the reason being, or I'm an Alex Jones listener. And then all of a sudden now, this inverse has come about where you have these moderately attractive females dropping n bombs, and all of a sudden now they have 100,000 followers because they're dropping n bombs.

Car [00:08:33]:
M bombs.

Alex [00:08:34]:
N n saying. They're saying a word that only black people can say.

Car [00:08:39]:

Alex [00:08:39]:
Yeah. And it's going, like, super viral. And then people are just having full blown arguments on this website, right when we're on the precipice of World War three, you have big tech companies that are doing everything that they can, putting backdoors in the software to try to, like, take any ounce of privacy that you have away from you. You're. These bureaucrats and central bankers are chopping up the bits, rubbing their hands together to create central bank digital currencies. You have people going to Davos talking about how disinformation and hate speech and everything else, and Putin and Russia is threatening our democratic institutions, and there's a simultaneous push for unprecedented amounts of censorship. And whether it happens through governments or it happens in a way that's super stealth. People who are supposed to be fighting the new world order, who are supposed to be on conservative, patriotic, freedom loving Americans, are now arguing with each other over whether or not it's okay to say a certain word that I don't need to say.

Car [00:09:36]:
Yeah, it's weird to me. I just don't see it. For me, I just don't see the point of talking about this anymore, is just go out and just start building it.

Alex [00:09:43]:

Car [00:09:44]:
That's where I'm at. I don't know. Is it? Because I'm completely checked out? I just don't care anymore.

Alex [00:09:47]:
Well, that's kind of where I'm going, right? And that's why, like, I'm making videos and I'm still doing things and my. And, you know, it's. It's funny because I'm talking a bunch of shit about this. This whole culture war stuff.

Car [00:10:00]:

Alex [00:10:00]:
Well, meanwhile, my last video was at Planet Fitness, dressing up as a drag queen.

Car [00:10:05]:
Did you have fun doing that?

Alex [00:10:06]:
Yeah, I love it. People. And that's the thing, too. People shit all over.

Car [00:10:10]:
Which planet fitness?

Alex [00:10:11]:
The one on Riverside.

Car [00:10:12]:
Oh, interesting.

Alex [00:10:12]:
They sent me an email saying that I'm not allowed in, but I went as, oh, wait, wait.

Car [00:10:15]:
Did you are you a membership?

Alex [00:10:17]:
No, I just signed a guy did the guest thing, and I went as Alexa Dawson, my drag queen character. And I have an email address for her specifically because I. When in 22, last time I came on, I was going to meetings all the time. I was like, hey, I got to go to Dallas for a school meeting. I got to go. You know, I got to go drive, like, halfway across the state to go troll this council meeting. And I was doing this with. No, nobody was paying me, dude.

Alex [00:10:36]:
I was doing this on my own dimensional, because I genuinely wanted to wait with Alex Stein. No, we were friends, and he gave me the idea to do.

Car [00:10:44]:
He didn't fund you, though. I thought he was.

Alex [00:10:45]:
No, he wasn't funding me. He was once in a while sharing my videos and inspired me to do it, and I made some, like, friends.

Car [00:10:50]:
No, I don't mean like, in that kind of way. I mean more like he was just, like, helping you out as a bro.

Alex [00:10:54]:
He was helping out as a bro and sharing my videos.

Car [00:10:59]:
I thought he was giving you some money, too.

Alex [00:11:00]:
He was not giving any money.

Car [00:11:02]:
Why is he not giving you money?

Alex [00:11:05]:
Good question. It's a good question.

Car [00:11:09]:
You're like the joker to his Batman.

Alex [00:11:11]:
No, I'm not the joker. I'm Robin. That's what it was.

Car [00:11:13]:
You're the Robin to.

Alex [00:11:14]:
And I was fine with that.

Car [00:11:17]:
Alex, if you're listening, give my boy here some money.

Alex [00:11:21]:
He deserves it. We don't really talk as much anymore.

Car [00:11:24]:
Why not? It's because he's too popular.

Alex [00:11:26]:
No, he's busy. He has a lot of things to do.

Car [00:11:28]:
Did he beat you up in his.

Alex [00:11:30]:
Oh, yeah, when I was the clown.

Car [00:11:33]:
You up, though?

Alex [00:11:34]:
Well, I was the CEO of Silk physically assaulted you. I was a CEO of Silicon Valley bank. And, you know, I spent.

Car [00:11:39]:
Why did he.

Alex [00:11:39]:
Well, I'm trying to tell you the story.

Car [00:11:41]:
Okay, sorry, sorry.

Alex [00:11:42]:
I'm trying to tell you the story.

Car [00:11:44]:
I was having fun, sir.

Alex [00:11:46]:
So I was a c. I was the CEO of the Silicon Valley Bank.

Car [00:11:51]:
I had no idea.

Alex [00:11:52]:
Right? And I was. Yeah, my clown character. I had. I was the best CEO. And apparently he lost all his money. And I went on the show to explain to him why he lost all his money. And it's because we were building this really great, innovative project. We were giving vegan cat food to trans kids in the Austin independent school.

Car [00:12:07]:
District as a token or something.

Alex [00:12:09]:
Well, exactly. And we were going to offer a 35% yield on FTX. And then he got really angry because he said, my money, it went to shit. And then he just attacked me when all I'm trying to do is just build a better, more equitable future as the CEO of Silicon Valley bank.

Car [00:12:25]:
Geez, man.

Alex [00:12:26]:

Car [00:12:27]:
That's crazy.

Alex [00:12:28]:

Car [00:12:29]:
So, yeah, let's roll back. Let's roll back to the Alex Jones thing. So is he not allowed to make any videos anymore, any podcast?

Alex [00:12:36]:
So I don't know yet. I think he is. The judge basically said that he has to sell, from what I know. Okay.

Car [00:12:41]:

Alex [00:12:42]:
And I've been trying to follow this and read about what's happening. From what I gather, he is. He has to sell his personal assets to help pay the lawsuit.

Car [00:12:53]:

Alex [00:12:54]:
Right. And the lawsuit is just insane and ridiculous. And there's videos where intelligence agencies go off and talk about how they were helping, including with the parents and, like, whatnot. I mean, and I could be wrong, but this is kind of what I gather from this. Right. To try to pressure them into basically bankrupting him completely. And that information's out there. So you see that.

Alex [00:13:17]:
And so a lot of people actually have a lot more sympathy for Alex Jones than they did ten years ago, seven years ago, six years ago, five years ago. So he's almost becoming a martyr in that aspect. But the judge basically said that. And what we found out was that they, the families actually wanted Infowars to completely dissolve it, like. Like, to dissolve and destroy the company and make it so that they're not allowed to even have social media accounts. And, like, the crew members aren't allowed to do all this stuff and really, like, erase them from the Internet and try to create a legal precedent for doing it. The judge ruled against that.

Car [00:13:47]:

Alex [00:13:47]:
So Infowars is still able to. Is on for that. It has some. Has some saving grace for the next couple months, so.

Car [00:13:53]:
But they're still in Austin, right? Okay. South Austin.

Alex [00:13:56]:
Well, they're there in an undisclosed location in Austin.

Car [00:13:58]:
I know where they're at. Okay, well, we don't have to say.

Alex [00:14:01]:
But now they're in an undisclosed location in Austin. All right. And this is what's happening. Right. But what's kind of crazy is that, like.

Car [00:14:11]:
So Alex Jones doesn't. Doesn't report from there anymore or he doesn't jump in.

Alex [00:14:15]:
They have a studio.

Car [00:14:16]:
Oh, so he does still work.

Alex [00:14:18]:
Still going on. It's still happening right there.

Car [00:14:20]:
So he's not completely off?

Alex [00:14:21]:
No, he's fine. He's online. He's good. He's good. They're just. He has to look at personal assets, but they can still keep the brand because the brand. The revenue from the brand helps pay the families.

Car [00:14:29]:
He's so big, dude, and he's such a big fixture here in Austin, I.

Alex [00:14:33]:
He's keeping Austin weird longer than most of us.

Car [00:14:35]:
I know, and I don't think people recognize just how big of a, he's just as big as Willie Nelson, man.

Alex [00:14:41]:
He's bigger.

Car [00:14:41]:
I mean, whether you like him or not, Willie Nelson is a big part of.

Alex [00:14:44]:
I think Willie Nelson's actually kind of a sellout.

Car [00:14:46]:

Alex [00:14:47]:
Yeah, he's a sellout, man. Like, he, like, does rally.

Car [00:14:49]:
They named a street. Did they name a street, Matt?

Alex [00:14:51]:
Yeah. I mean, I think they should change it. I'm gonna get so much hate for Second street. Yeah, but, like, dude, look, he does rallies for gun grabbers like Beto O'Rourke. He was a big show for the vaccine. He promoted, like, the lockdowns. Yeah, like, he's just like, he's just like.

Car [00:15:05]:
I mean, is Matthew McConaughey like that, too?

Alex [00:15:08]:
Matthew McConaughey? I don't know enough about Matthew McConaughey. I think Matthew McConaughey is, is doing his best to tow a line, and I think he's, he's very wealthy, and he's very, like, and he has a very, like, wealthy, rich, privileged existence. It's kind of like he wants to talk to people on both sides of the aisle, but because he, like, still lives in a bit of a Hollywood bubble where he's immune to a lot of.

Car [00:15:27]:
What about Joe Rogan?

Alex [00:15:30]:
Rogan's different. It depends on how you got famous and how you got big. Right? Like, when you got big acting in Hollywood versus you getting big. Being a comedian and a UFC commentator, and you have a black belt juice at 10th planet under Eddie Bravo, and the people that you are around have more, like, conspiratorial or viewpoints that don't quote that openly question the narrative. You're going, you're going to have fame and fortune, success under a different set of predictions, so therefore, you'll have different beliefs.

Car [00:15:59]:
So what are you saying about. So, I guess, yeah. What are you saying? So is he, is he just like Willie Nelson and McConaughey?

Alex [00:16:06]:
I don't think he's as bad. Like, he's not Matthew McConaughey. I think my view is that, and I don't know very much. I don't pay much attention to him, but with people like McConaughey, I think that they're just trying to kind of toe a line and make and please everybody, and they still believe in the system and believe in being moderate and, you know, agreeing with one point, another point, and trying to, like, appeal to the average suburban, you know.

Car [00:16:29]:
The average.

Alex [00:16:30]:
Suburban mom who couldn't wait to get Braden. I mean, all these vaccinated. Right. That. That's what I think McConaughey is. And I think that if you were to have a conversation with him, he would probably be really open, having a very adult, back and forth conversation. And I feel like he's the books on the books, too. I feel like he'd be a really pleasant person to talk to.

Alex [00:16:47]:
Matthew McConaughey and maybe Willie Nelson, too. But Willie Nelson is openly a lot more of an activist for these new world order entities than Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey, I think, generally just wants to mind his business and, like, you know, and when he went on Rogan, he talked a lot about. About, like, self help and about, like, eating right and exercising and, like, you know, doing a lot of positive things that actually help you fight this tyrannical stuff better. You just.

Car [00:17:09]:
He does it more in a politically correct way.

Alex [00:17:12]:
Yeah. You just might disagree with him on some ideas, and that's okay. Cause that's what America is about. You disagree with people, and you have civil discussions.

Car [00:17:18]:
Yeah, I think they're all good for Austin. I know Jones is good for Austin. Matthew McConaughey is good. Frost and Willie Nelson. I mean, yeah, I guess you're right. But I guess he's. He's good for.

Alex [00:17:27]:
He's still good for Austin. He still has really good. He still made amazing music and was a great artist.

Car [00:17:30]:
But, I mean, that's a really good song.

Alex [00:17:32]:
Highwayman was really good.

Car [00:17:34]:
So I played on the road again. That's a really good.

Alex [00:17:38]:
And honestly, I've been to a couple.

Car [00:17:39]:
Of his 4 July parties. They're really.

Alex [00:17:41]:
Those are fun. Dad peddicap, the one.

Car [00:17:44]:
There's so much fun, dude, at the. You won't have a better time at a better.

Alex [00:17:49]:
The vibes are great. Everyone's happy, and it's good. So I think.

Car [00:17:53]:
So there's no helping Alex Jones is what you're saying at this point.

Alex [00:17:56]:
What do you mean?

Car [00:17:57]:
Like, there's nothing we could do as Austinites to help him?

Alex [00:18:01]:
No. Well, you help by spreading awareness about what's happening. Right?

Car [00:18:04]:
Didn't you call into the show or something?

Alex [00:18:06]:
No, I've been on the show. I've never been on Alex's show.

Car [00:18:07]:
But I thought you called into the show about bitcoin or something.

Alex [00:18:10]:
No. Oh. Oh, okay. This is not what? This is what happened.

Car [00:18:13]:
So, yeah, so this is where I was trying to lead us to the whole. Okay, so go into why you called in and why we can see.

Alex [00:18:19]:
I asked. There was one of the anti Israel protests. Okay, all right.

Car [00:18:22]:
What's going on with that? Real quick, I.

Alex [00:18:23]:
Bunch of college kids are having these protests, and they're larping.

Car [00:18:27]:
Where? At ut or something?

Alex [00:18:28]:
Yeah, not anymore, because school's over, but.

Car [00:18:30]:
Basically they went home for the school.

Alex [00:18:31]:
Yeah, basically larping. And just to elevate our pitch, it's basically a bunch of college kids that are kind of, like, protesting against Israel. They think Israel's a terrorist state, and a lot of them think that Hamas are freedom fighters fighting against an unjustified occupation. And that's a discussion that I don't want to have, because those discussions last. Can last for hours on end with.

Car [00:18:52]:
Is it because it goes into the whole Bible stuff or.

Alex [00:18:54]:
Well, there's that. And there's. There's just. It's so complicated on both sides because both sides have legitimate claims.

Car [00:19:01]:
Interesting. We'll save for another part that's.

Alex [00:19:04]:
For another episode that just becomes hours and hours and hours and hours and hours.

Car [00:19:07]:
I would love to learn more about.

Alex [00:19:08]:
It, but I still need to learn more about it. I just know that I'm a jew, and I have family that live there, and I have families that were in the concentration camps that had marks in there on their arms. And, like, you know, when you've been systematically discriminated against for centuries, forever, for no reason, you know, do you feel.

Car [00:19:25]:
Like you're still discriminated against?

Alex [00:19:26]:
No. No. But what I'm trying to say is that, like, the need for a self sovereign country, and especially when it's been in the Torah, and the idea of Zionism, which is a jewish home in Israel, has been going on for thousands of years, it's not like some new phenomena that took place in the 18 hundreds, you know, because the Lord Rothschild convinced Walter or Arthur Belfort. Walter Belfort, to write a declaration that's been going on forever. It's just got more popularized because of a lot of the persecution that Jews started dealing with. But when you feel like you don't have an actual home where you actually belong in whatever country you are, even when you're fully adopting the values, the need to have your own self sovereign country, especially after what happened during World War Two, I think it's very obvious that being said, like, never again is now, but when, you know, you have arab families that have lived, that have had that have lived in a certain area for hundreds of years, right? And they're just farmers and they just want to live with the land and be left alone. And most of these people are not very literate and they didn't need to be because they just had a very simple life. And all of a sudden, like some bureaucrats or some people that may have been, may have not looked like them and may have just looked like me more, more.

Alex [00:20:30]:
So are just saying, oh, no, this is our land. And then you're using like, and then you're like helping utilize like british military or military like factions. And you have sort of, you might have better weapons because of where you're. Because of, because of the fact that you're still from another country. You know, I could see resentment building up. And then you also have certain factions, and I gotta learn more about. But you have like the stern gang or the Haganah and all these other, other elements that may have not done any favors. And then you have the fact that there are certain people that will invoke biblical prophecies or want to build that rebuild the temple mount, which is the al Aqsa Mos, and make it part of Israel again.

Alex [00:21:12]:
And that's not in Israel. And so that means conquering and taking more land, which displaces more people, which causes more animosity towards Israel. That animosity could spread past Gaza, which already is to other arab countries. You can get populist uprisings that could make it so that the arab world all of a sudden becomes against Israel instead of working with Israel, which they've made a lot of progress to do that, because the arab world, back in the day, in the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, Israel had nine arab neighbors that wanted to obliterate them. And so now through diplomacy, there are allies. Now they have ally ships. And when Iran launched the airstrikes, you had arab countries that actually helped Israel thwart the airstrikes, so minimal damage occurred. But continued aggression could potentially cause those countries to not want to help, which can escalate a greater conflict.

Alex [00:22:04]:
And then with the mass migration of Arabs and Muslims to Europe, you might eventually have to start worrying about airstrikes from France or from Ireland or from Italy instead of just from the Middle east. So that is another valid concern, which basically we're going off topic, but it makes the situation extremely complicated, extremely difficult to talk about. And, you know, since we're lucky enough to live in America, we should be talking about this as calmly as possible, without attack, without launching personal attacks. And a lot of people are not able to do that, but. Sorry.

Car [00:22:35]:
I was just gonna. Go ahead.

Alex [00:22:36]:
No, share. What were you gonna say?

Car [00:22:38]:
I was gonna say, when we were in. We were in Bedford. I wanna say it was like. I forget what month it was, but the bombings were happening, like, at around the same time or whatever, and me and another person who I want docs were there, and we were just like, normal day, bitcoin event, whatever. And then we just see the tvs all come on, and they're all talking about the. And, dude, that was the first time, wherever I actually, as an American, finally realized what it was like to experience that, because I had never seen. It'd be like if someone, like, we're here in Texas and somebody's bombing, like, you know, somewhere in South America. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Car [00:23:18]:
And I. For the first time ever, I was like, oh, this is why it's concerning. And I didn't have never experienced that, but it was, like, interesting, because the closer you are to the. To the warfare, you definitely are your. It's like. It's. It's a. Yeah, it's.

Car [00:23:33]:
You pay more attention to it. And it was definitely more like, ooh, what's going on? And, like, I was concerned.

Alex [00:23:38]:
It's weird.

Car [00:23:38]:
It's weird. Like, which. You know what I mean? Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Alex [00:23:41]:
Yes. But anyway, back. This is back to Infowars, right?

Car [00:23:43]:
Oh, we're gonna keep talking about it. Okay.

Alex [00:23:45]:
Well, you asked me why. What? I called them to bitcoin stuff, and I didn't get a chance to explain.

Car [00:23:48]:
Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Alex [00:23:49]:

Car [00:23:49]:
Okay, so we're just gonna. We're gonna go back, rewind. Seven minutes.

Alex [00:23:53]:
Rewind. Yes. Seven minutes rewind. That's why I want to talk about. Because all of a sudden, we just took seven, like, whatever amount of time.

Car [00:23:59]:
But I learned a lot. I didn't even. I mean, if you're telling me what. I mean, one side of it, right.

Alex [00:24:03]:
I don't know nothing.

Car [00:24:04]:
Oh, you don't know any.

Alex [00:24:05]:
I really know anything, and I'm trying to tell you both sides.

Car [00:24:07]:
Should people believe you, what you're saying about that?

Alex [00:24:10]:
I think that what I'm saying. I don't think what I'm saying is false, but I'm just saying there's a lot more to unpack from what I said. It's very simplistic, and there's even more to unpack from that.

Car [00:24:17]:
But I will say, go do your research.

Alex [00:24:19]:
Well, yes.

Car [00:24:20]:
That captivated you. You should go do your research.

Alex [00:24:22]:
I think that there's. I think I was just turning down my head. People should do their research, and I think AI and all that stuff is actually going to help make people a lot more smarter, more enlightened with us, but we got to use it correctly. But let me get back to what I said with Owen. And they had the protest, and I messaged him, and I was like, yo, are you at the. Are you at the protest? And he's like, no, dude, I'm in studio. But do you want to skype in?

Car [00:24:42]:
We're going back to the info or stuff.

Alex [00:24:43]:
Yeah, do you want to skype into the protest? And I was like, yeah. And so I skyped in for, like, 40 minutes on my phone, and I just held my phone up in the air and just started talking about what was going on for, like, 40 minutes straight and just went off about everything. And I was like, I was talking to the Israelis. I was trying to talk to the cops. I was talking to the UT. Talking to everybody. Yeah, yeah. And for the most part, like, there were some people that were, like, talking shit to me and stuff like that.

Alex [00:25:03]:
But I was responding. And once I was responding like, I was responding similar to what I said to you.

Car [00:25:07]:
Nobody was like, wait, right now?

Alex [00:25:09]:
Yeah, just now. I was responding, like, about, oh, you're.

Car [00:25:11]:
Just talking your book.

Alex [00:25:13]:
Yeah, just speaking my language, what I'm saying. Right. And then at the end, I was just like, well, how come you guys don't accept bitcoin at the info or store?

Car [00:25:21]:
Oh, you told them that?

Alex [00:25:22]:
Yeah. I was like, you guys need to start accepting bitcoin at the info or store, because a lot of people are going to want to help and want to do this stuff, but they're afraid of getting there. They don't want their info revealed. They want their privacy. Wait. Yeah.

Car [00:25:33]:
So you're saying. Hang on, let me unpack this for the people that are listening at home. So you're saying that you called into Infowars, they asked, how could you support them? And then you basically said, well, you should take bitcoin, because I don't want to dox myself showing support for Infowars.

Alex [00:25:49]:
Well, sort of. Sort of. What happened was I did my 30 minutes with Owen, and then while we were leaving, while he was saying, hey, how do we get ahold of you and this and that? I just snuck that in at the very end of the show, at the very end of the segment. I'm just like, you guys got to start accepting bitcoin. You need to start accepting this because.

Car [00:26:05]:
They should use zap, right?

Alex [00:26:07]:
They should. They should use a lot of these tools, and they should need to come here. And people from infowars need to come to the bitcoin developer meetups. They need to come to, like, the wine meetups. And they have to get involved with this.

Car [00:26:15]:
They won't come. They won't come until it's too late. And that's just unfortunate where these people are headed. I mean, dude, we've been doing so much work as a community for the past four years, even five or six years, if you count the. Just the bit devs. And, like, as a community of bitcoiners, there is just no way they're going to come over. They would have came over by now. And I feel sorry for those people because it's like, we did everything we could to help them.

Alex [00:26:38]:
I talk about it all the time, and I'm like, dude, except bitcoin. Bitcoin fixes this, right?

Car [00:26:42]:
We were at a bar last year. Whatever it was, I forget what we were celebrating, but I asked the bartender if he wanted a bitcoin tip instead. And the guy was like, no, give me cash. And I was just like, you're not gonna make it. And we got into this whole big old discussion about why that was the wrong thing to do. And it was just like, okay, dude, well, then you can't even convince people that.

Alex [00:27:03]:
Yeah, well, I have this problem when I give pedicab rides, and I. How my sign says 25% discount.

Car [00:27:15]:
Wait, I put. I paid full price.

Alex [00:27:18]:
Well, you pay because you like me and you're my friend, and you didn't.

Car [00:27:21]:
Pay the full price.

Alex [00:27:21]:
I didn't even charge you. You paid whatever you wanted to pay because I would.

Car [00:27:24]:
I paid you $20 of bitcoin.

Alex [00:27:26]:
You paid me that because you wanted to pay. But I wasn't gonna charge you.

Car [00:27:28]:
I know, I know, but you didn't tell me about that 25% discount.

Alex [00:27:31]:
I signed the sign. The sign is visible. If you can't, you can't tell.

Car [00:27:34]:
You gotta tell them, though. Maybe this is the problem that you're running.

Alex [00:27:37]:
People will read the sign and talk to me about it after reading. Okay, sign. That's right there. And honestly, I would have. I wouldn't even like. You've given me so much of it so nicely. One money from you for the podcast. I know, I know, but I like that.

Alex [00:27:48]:
But here. But that jokes aside, dude, like, I don't want any money. I would never, like, ask you for money for a ride, anything that you guys give me, don't we do when.

Car [00:27:57]:
I give you a sponsor, though.

Alex [00:27:59]:
You did. You guys gave me sponsorships.

Car [00:28:01]:
Oh, yeah. Back in the day. That was Kyle's call.

Alex [00:28:03]:
Good. Good on Kyle.

Car [00:28:04]:
That's Kyle.

Alex [00:28:04]:
That helped me out a lot.

Car [00:28:05]:
We don't have that kind of money anymore, but if we did.

Alex [00:28:08]:
Good on. Well, you know what? It was a good decision. I support a fully, and it's helped me.

Car [00:28:12]:
Has stacker news supporting you?

Alex [00:28:14]:
No, but I like the hat, and I think they're a good company, and hopefully they will, too, because I want to be associated. I want to be associated with companies that align with my values. Dude, just like, I have a new ad on my cab for a website called and have you heard of injected? It's a shield dating platform. Well, they gave me their advertising.

Car [00:28:32]:
Let's go back to. Let's go back to the bitcoin thing. I don't want to just shield company. Let's go back.

Alex [00:28:37]:
A lot of bitcoin is our vaccinated. This is good. It'll help them find them get married and find children and help repop.

Car [00:28:43]:
Let's go back into what you were saying. So you called in, they said, yeah. What did. What did that guy Owen say? He said no.

Alex [00:28:49]:
Well, he's like all the government. I. You know what? I'll show you the clip, and you could actually play it. Okay. Absolutely. Let me. Yeah, let me know. It's obviously dying down.

Alex [00:28:57]:
Hey, Owen, one last thing. They got to start accepting bitcoin at the Infowars store. Right. Tell that to Alex.

Car [00:29:03]:
I think we have a bitcoin donation.

Alex [00:29:04]:
Tab, but I could be wrong about it. I want to buy, like, I want to buy the turbo force. I want to buy the mail vitality.

Car [00:29:10]:
Oh, you mean you want to buy.

Alex [00:29:12]:
Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah. I don't know. The government might not let us do that. What do you mean? That's what bitcoin's for. Yeah, well, we're in a bit of.

Car [00:29:23]:
A situation here dealing with certain entities.

Alex [00:29:26]:
Trying to shut us down, so it.

Car [00:29:28]:
Becomes a problem at times.

Alex [00:29:30]:
Bitcoin fixes this. Start accepting bitcoin, and I'll buy a whole bunch of stuff from you guys.

Car [00:29:33]:
All right?

Alex [00:29:34]:
All right, Alex.

Car [00:29:35]:
Appreciate your time. Stay safe out there. Best of luck.

Alex [00:29:38]:
All right. Thank you, man. Appreciate it. I have it.

Car [00:29:40]:
They just listen to it now. Explain what happened.

Alex [00:29:42]:
Yeah, you'll listen to it. And he basically said that we're kind of in a little bit of trouble with the government and this and that, and I'm just like, well, yes, that bitcoin fixes that. And then. But then we had to go, so I just. We just said goodbye to.

Car [00:29:54]:
Have you been on back since?

Alex [00:29:57]:
I had Harrison Smith on, I think, like, a week or so later.

Car [00:30:01]:
Are these all anchors set?

Alex [00:30:02]:
Yeah, they all work there. And I went on a show called Toxic Culture with one of this guy, this guy named Rob who produces this small, little black guy. And I'm just waiting for the r episode to drop. And I have Rob do, who's one of the producers, works they still. He's coming on tomorrow. Well, tomorrow. That's what we're hoping for. And today's.

Alex [00:30:18]:
What's today's date?

Car [00:30:19]:
The Monday, the 17th.

Alex [00:30:21]:
So the 18th, because I don't know when this airs. Right. So it'll air on Thursday. Okay. So he'll be cut. So by then it. So he's gonna. He's gonna come on after this episode, and that's what we're hoping for.

Alex [00:30:30]:
We're gonna talk more about this and. But, dude, I'm telling you, I'm gonna bring up a lot of bitcoin and a lot of this stuff about where to go.

Car [00:30:37]:
Just tell him, get zap right. If he needs any help, like, just.

Alex [00:30:41]:
Come to play lab. They want to help you. They're all fans.

Car [00:30:44]:
I wouldn't say that. I mean, a lot of people.

Alex [00:30:46]:
Fans of the show.

Car [00:30:47]:
I wouldn't say we're fans. I would just say that we want to help people get onboarded, but, yeah, we don't have that. No one's getting paid to do that.

Alex [00:30:55]:
No, but I think a lot of people.

Car [00:30:57]:
I would just say, come to the workshops.

Alex [00:30:59]:
You should come to the workshops and learn, and these people would be happy to show you.

Car [00:31:01]:
Yeah, yeah, come to the workshops. I mean, that's a lot of the stuff that we do is definitely more on the nonprofit side, so.

Alex [00:31:08]:
Well, dude, I've actually been very grateful that I've been having people that have been kind of guiding me through this journey because it is scary, dude. Like, I don't know anything, and I'm lucky that I can come to you guys when I have a question and, like, have you guys helped me?

Car [00:31:19]:
Dude, you're an amazing individual, man. I don't think you realize how much of a. Just bright light you are to a lot of people in this town. A lot of people love you.

Alex [00:31:27]:
Yeah. That's kind of cool, right?

Car [00:31:30]:
It is cool. I mean, you're a funny guy, dude. You're. You're like. You're just a funny guy. This is why I don't understand why Alex Stein won't have you back on the show.

Alex [00:31:37]:
That's not bad.

Car [00:31:38]:
I mean, maybe because you're still in stunned or maybe.

Alex [00:31:42]:
I don't know. No, it's not.

Car [00:31:43]:
I didn't say because you're both named Alex.

Alex [00:31:45]:
I never said anything bad about Alex or anything. I have no idea. Like, I love Alex, and Alex is the best. And Alex is played a huge of shifting the way the culture has changed.

Car [00:31:55]:
Is he still doing the. Is he still doing.

Alex [00:31:57]:
Yeah, I'm sure once in a while. Look, here's the thing with people with Alex, right? And it's that if he didn't go to those council meetings and do what he did in these council meetings, we might not be where we are. Because I honestly think that our culture has actually shifted so much over the past two years where we're actually getting closer to God, we're getting closer to the values of privacy, are becoming more popular, more mainstream, and being a little bit more conservative, and being less. Being anti woke is becoming cool now. And people like Alex Stein play a huge role in doing that. And that's something that you can never take back. You can never talk shit about somebody as a result, that you have to do nothing but show love and respect, because the stuff that he did two years ago and last year and everything like that is a big reason why we still might be able to continue living in America. And I did this because I love what he was doing.

Alex [00:32:46]:
And I just wanted to add to it. Is he too?

Car [00:32:49]:
Is he a Christian?

Alex [00:32:49]:
I don't know. Cause I think, like, Stein's jewish name. I don't know. But what I do know is that tyranny is how you defeat comedy. Satan hates being mocked. I know that from a basic standpoint. And lately I've been feeling that, you know, I might want to start transitioning into doing something else and making, like, having more adult conversations or doing more interviews and doing more actual journalism. Yeah, I'm still gonna make these troll videos.

Car [00:33:14]:
Would you write? You mean, would you write?

Alex [00:33:16]:
I don't know about writing, but I wanna do, like, I definitely wanna have, like, you know, I actually enjoy doing these, like, these podcasts where you're taught, like, having these, like, back and forth, like, stimulating intellectual discussions a lot more than I, like, enjoy. Just, like, being a caricature and whatnot.

Car [00:33:30]:
You're growing.

Alex [00:33:31]:
Yeah. Yeah. Especially since I'm not happy with how social media is becoming. And I don't know what kind of algorithm I really want to feed. But that being said, if I'm feeling like this, I have a responsibility to find a. Someone else that's gonna carry this on. Interesting, because there should be an Alex Stein in every city council meeting. There really should be.

Alex [00:33:49]:
You know, and that's. That's what I believe. I think that that's how you defeat a lot of the tyranny. Just like everyone's Alex Jones. You need Alex Stein everywhere. You need.

Car [00:33:59]:
Is it weird that you guys are all named Alex?

Alex [00:34:01]:
The three Alexandra. You met him.

Car [00:34:03]:
Oh, he's another Alex.

Alex [00:34:04]:
Yeah, the big dude that was sleeping on the tower.

Car [00:34:05]:
Isn't it weird that you guys are on Alex Jones?

Alex [00:34:07]:
I know that's weird.

Car [00:34:09]:
Oh, my God, dude, that's strange.

Alex [00:34:12]:
It's all the Alex.

Car [00:34:13]:
Alex Stein. Alex stranger. Who was the other one?

Alex [00:34:16]:
Alex. Alex. Well, Alex Jones. Alex Rosen. Alex Stranger. Yeah.

Car [00:34:19]:
What the heck?

Alex [00:34:20]:

Car [00:34:22]:
That's wild. Is everybody who works for the deep state Alex? No, I'm just kidding.

Alex [00:34:26]:
Or working against the deep state. It's kind of odd.

Car [00:34:29]:
I'm kidding, dude.

Alex [00:34:31]:
And, like, three of us, we're all Jews. Like, we're all kind of jews. Like, astina knows. Half Jewish. Rosen's Jewish. Oh, yeah. Which is also.

Car [00:34:37]:
Is that a popular name amongst jewish people?

Alex [00:34:39]:
No, I just don't think that. I don't think so. I just think that that's just a coincidence.

Car [00:34:43]:
Yeah, I think it's just a coincidence, because if you look at a lot of the stuff that's getting built in, like, Latin America, they're all, like, you know, of Latin? I don't know. Is Latin the right word? They're all, like, brown, you know? So.

Alex [00:34:52]:
Yeah, well, it's not very brown.

Car [00:34:54]:
Yeah, but, like. But you know what I mean? Like, there's just. It's just a lot of. Because that's the culture. Just builder culture, you know?

Alex [00:35:00]:

Car [00:35:01]:
We build pyramids and we build bitcoin hubs.

Alex [00:35:04]:
Well, dude, a lot of the jews were this. Were the slaves who built the pyramids, too.

Car [00:35:07]:
Oh, were they?

Alex [00:35:08]:
Yeah, I believe so. I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but.

Car [00:35:10]:
No, I was talking about, like, the aztec stuff.

Alex [00:35:12]:
Oh, in Egypt, are you talking about. Okay, yeah, but a lot of jews are middle eastern, too. Right? So it's just, you know, I think it makes sense.

Car [00:35:18]:
God has a funny way of.

Alex [00:35:19]:
And it's like, oh, yeah. Giving people the right jews are white. And this. That I'm like, yeah, because of a diaspora of them being thrown out of Egypt and having to settle all over the world. And then you just, you know, this is what you get. But it's great conversation.

Car [00:35:30]:
I had no idea.

Alex [00:35:31]:
I don't know. But like I said, I'm just in the process of also going on my journey.

Car [00:35:35]:
Are you gonna start writing, do you think? Do you write?

Alex [00:35:37]:
I thought about writing a self help book.

Car [00:35:40]:

Alex [00:35:40]:
Yeah. And I want to write musicals. You? Yeah, I want to make musicals.

Car [00:35:44]:
What did Alex Stranger musical look like?

Alex [00:35:46]:
I want to make infowars on ice.

Car [00:35:48]:

Alex [00:35:49]:
And I want to make. I had a dream. No, no infowars. Let me tell you about this. Okay. Oh, yeah.

Car [00:35:53]:
Go for it.

Alex [00:35:53]:
Tell me. So it's like Disney on ice, but it's about a frog who's coming in terms of, like, his sexuality.

Car [00:36:00]:
A frog?

Alex [00:36:01]:

Car [00:36:02]:
Okay. I feel like I saw this.

Alex [00:36:03]:
Gay frogs, right? So it's about a frog in the pond who's coming in terms of the sexuality, because, like, the deep state and the Dow chemical company and Hillary Clinton and all these bad people, they're putting chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gay. And it's basically like a story of, like, a coming of age story about, like, acceptance, but also, like, not trusting the government. And, you know, I have, like, kind of act one written. Written down, but I don't know how to transition to act two. But basically, like, the frog, he's Daryl the frog wants to go to the prom, you know, with, like, his female. With his, like, with his. There's a really hot girl, and he wants to make her the. He wants to make her his date.

Alex [00:36:37]:
And then he gets, like, pushed. And then him and his friend George, like, they're at a party, and then this feels weird. Well, yeah, and then there's, like, the school bully, and the bully is named David the Hog. You know, David Hogg, like, the gun, the guy, the Parkland kid.

Car [00:36:51]:

Alex [00:36:51]:
And so he pushes Daryl into the water, and then all of a sudden, he wakes up and all. And now he has feelings for his best friend George because of all the chemicals in the water.

Car [00:36:58]:
And that's weird.

Alex [00:36:59]:
So that.

Car [00:37:00]:
Yeah, and then more like a muffet thing.

Alex [00:37:02]:
Yeah, you could probably get that pass.

Car [00:37:03]:
On, like, Disney plus or something, I would imagine.

Alex [00:37:05]:
Info wars. Nice. And then you just get. And then he.

Car [00:37:09]:
Some of the Disney stuff.

Alex [00:37:11]:
No, I don't watch that crap.

Car [00:37:12]:
It's crazy.

Alex [00:37:13]:
Most satanic.

Car [00:37:14]:
Well, it's not even that. It's just that it's so, like, I'm surprised, like, Eisner hasn't, like, fixed any of this stuff.

Alex [00:37:21]:
Oh, dude, let me tell my other musical.

Car [00:37:24]:
Go ahead.

Alex [00:37:24]:
Okay. And I dreamt this. I don't know if it's a musical or what, but it's like a Star wars movie, but it's like the force of cancel culture, because, like, Star wars has gotten, like, super woke. And so, like, make a Star wars musical where like, you're defending the empire through the lens of wokeness. Like, you're defending, like, like, the death. We need the Death Star because, like, how else are we gonna protect Ukraine?

Car [00:37:43]:
Wait, I don't get it.

Alex [00:37:44]:
You know, like, cuz Darth Vader was building the Death Stars.

Car [00:37:47]:
Oh, you're saying like, the Death Star protects democracy. So you're saying like that, you're saying Darth Vader was the good guy the whole time.

Alex [00:37:53]:
Yeah, because he's like, super wild.

Car [00:37:55]:
I can't really watch it. I mean, I guess I could watch it that way.

Alex [00:37:57]:
You just make it like, so Darth.

Car [00:37:58]:
Vader, what if it's like, that's. That's wild.

Alex [00:38:00]:
Darth Vader's the good guy. And like, the Jedi's are really bad because, like, they're not question. They're like, you know, they have these extra beliefs and they're like, not. They're. They're questioning the experts and then everybody were they. I don't know. Well, the Jedi's were like rebels, right? And so, like, started off that way.

Car [00:38:18]:
With the Old Republic. I thought they started off with, well.

Alex [00:38:21]:
They killed a lot of the Jedi's. Right? But no. So you're saying rebels are like domestic extremists?

Car [00:38:28]:
Like Anakin actually did the right thing.

Alex [00:38:31]:
I gotta figure this out. Yeah, you should probably figure that out first. Yeah. Or like, Amber Papa seems like kind of like Klaus Schwab, you know what I mean? Like, you could really do a lot of stuff. Like just make it like, I feel like I got have a lot of fun with this. I got to rewatch the Star wars movies. But I think, like, I have an idea. I think, well, this could be a lot of fun.

Car [00:38:48]:
Somebody was saying that about Jar Jar, that he was. Before the. The new movies came out, there was a. There was like an online thread. I think it was on Reddit or something. They were saying, like, jar Jar was actually palpatine or whatever. He was like Darth Sidious or whatever. Like, before.

Car [00:39:01]:
Before episode seven or whatever. This was like a online thread.

Alex [00:39:05]:
I have to watch all of these movies. I have to binge out on all the Star wars movies. My girlfriend is not a Star wars fan, though, which kind of sucks because she watches all the trashy reality tvs. And does she really all 98 fiance is. These are, like, the most fiat shows in the world, bro. I watch it.

Car [00:39:20]:
You pay for cable or what?

Alex [00:39:22]:
We pay for cable.

Car [00:39:24]:

Alex [00:39:25]:
It's not that much, but we do pay.

Car [00:39:26]:
How much is it, like, is it $300?

Alex [00:39:28]:
It's like $100 these days.

Car [00:39:30]:
Really? That's not bad. Do you get, like, gig fiber or you have, like, I have to look.

Alex [00:39:36]:
At what we got, but we just like a basic.

Car [00:39:37]:
Do you have a telephone, too? Does it come with a telephone?

Alex [00:39:41]:
Now there's no telephone.

Car [00:39:42]:
That's still cheaper than some of these other things.

Alex [00:39:44]:
Yeah, it just. That's what it is.

Car [00:39:46]:
So do you watch. Do you watch the. What's your favorite woke programming?

Alex [00:39:54]:
I actually enjoy 90 day fiance.

Car [00:39:57]:

Alex [00:39:58]:
Well, I enjoy watching it with my.

Car [00:39:59]:
So what happens? Do they just get married in 90 days or something?

Alex [00:40:02]:
Sort of like they. It's like these passport bros. Are these, like, these passport bitches?

Car [00:40:06]:
What's that?

Alex [00:40:06]:
How these women are men that just go to find these. Find love in, like, other countries, and it's just like. It's like, usually what happens is, like, one person from America, and the other person's, like, from, like, some third world shithole, and, like, they just.

Car [00:40:16]:
They bring them to America.

Alex [00:40:18]:
Yeah, that's a real thing. They bring them to America. Or sometimes they even move to the other country and get married.

Car [00:40:23]:

Alex [00:40:24]:
Yeah, it's kind of wild. It's entertaining. I like watching it because it kind of. It just numbs your brain a little bit, and it makes my girlfriend happy. And I like providing non essential commentary when my girlfriend's watching the show.

Car [00:40:36]:
Wait, so you don't talk to her about this kind of stuff that we're talking about?

Alex [00:40:39]:
I talked about this shit all the time. You know, the meme. And my girlfriend's gotten a lot better. She's gotten a lot more bass. Like, she listens to Alex Jones sometimes now with me, and she has that idea. But, you know, look, girls like to watch sometimes things that we don't like to watch, and it's just what it is. It's like watching. It's like.

Alex [00:40:53]:
It's like. It's like porn, but not really porn. Cause I don't look at that stuff. But it's just, you know, for a metaphorical example, but we'll watch it. And, you know, I'm just. Just make jokes about what's going on. You know, like, they had one guy was, like, trying to, like, had a fucking tranny from England. And, like, this one guy from Minnesota was like, yeah, dude, it was wild.

Alex [00:41:16]:
And I'm just like, you know what it is? You just see, like, the degeneracy and how bad the fiat clown world is by watching all that stuff.

Car [00:41:23]:
I think everybody just dropped off.

Alex [00:41:24]:
Wow. No, it's not even. It's recorded. Get out of here. Just kidding.

Car [00:41:29]:
So let's talk about Austin.

Alex [00:41:31]:
Let's talk about Austin.

Car [00:41:32]:
Let's talk about Austin. So tell me about the. What's going on in the city? Like, what are you seeing out there as far as, like, boots on the ground?

Alex [00:41:39]:
Boots on the ground are d. Our assistant da, like, pistol whipped his roommate.

Car [00:41:43]:
Wait, what?

Alex [00:41:43]:
Yeah. Over an argument about, like, porn or some weird stuff in his house. Allegedly. I don't know exactly the intricacies, but the fact of the matter, you don't even know about that. You know why?

Car [00:41:53]:
Yeah. What's going on? I don't know what's going on.

Alex [00:41:54]:
Our assistant DA got. Assistant district attorney got charged with, like, piss lipping or aggravated battery or something insane.

Car [00:42:02]:
Wait, so you're saying, like, the Austin statesman's not covering this or.

Alex [00:42:05]:
No, they covered it. No, they. Oh, they did cover it. They're covering it. It's there. Public information. Okay. What I'm saying is that who did.

Car [00:42:14]:
He beat up or she made.

Alex [00:42:15]:
It was, like, his roommate. Him and his roommate got in a fight over, like, streaming porn over something really crazy or ridiculous, but. And the guy's, like, 51. He has a roommate. He's the assistant DA, and he, like, got charged, like, aggravated battery. I think there was a firearm or a weapon involved or something.

Car [00:42:28]:
Oh, my God. Did it go off?

Alex [00:42:29]:
No, it didn't go off.

Car [00:42:30]:

Alex [00:42:31]:
But the point is, that's the assistant Da, okay? And if I'm in. If I'm a Republican running against him, I'm having a field day with this, and I'm making it so that everybody knows. But you don't know.

Car [00:42:43]:
Wow. Are they running this year? I thought they ran last year.

Alex [00:42:46]:
Now this election's going on right now, and the fact that the average everyday person. You know what I'm actually having? I have an idea for a street interview. You just gave me an. You just gave me an idea for a video.

Car [00:42:56]:
So, wait, so we're going to go.

Alex [00:42:57]:
To Barton Springs, and we're going to ask people about this and see if they know, because Austin. People think Austin's super woke and super libtard, left wing, you know, all that bullshit. Right? And they're not. The only reason that that happens is because these, like, radical, communist, socialist, DSA type people have a lot of resources and spend the resources really well and communicate and have a very loyal group of voters that will vote and clog up the phones and do all this stuff. Whereas the Texas, whereas the GOP in Travis county does none of that, does, has divisive messaging, does not know how to communicate through social media, and does not inspire any kind of hope or optimism or give people a positive alternative. And so Austin looks a lot more woke than it is. And the fact that not everybody in Austin is even going to know that this happened means that the communication of our GOP in Travis county is abominable. It's interesting to me, and I like the GOP chair.

Alex [00:43:54]:
Sorry, I'm interrupting you. I like the job here. I like Matt McCoy every time we talk, very pleasant, very civil.

Car [00:43:59]:
Who'd you say right now?

Alex [00:44:00]:
His name is Matt McCoy. He's the GOP chair in Travis county.

Car [00:44:03]:
What does he do?

Alex [00:44:04]:
He was in charge of the. He, like, helps allocate funds and runs them, the GOP meetings and probably does stuff with delegates and party chairs and all that and whatnot. Right. And I like him as a person, interacting with him, never had a bad interaction. Nice guy to talk to. But this is a communication problem, and it's very glaring. And it should get pointed out because I still want to live in America, and me driving a pedicab in Austin, the George Soros da that doesn't want to prosecute rapists and murderers and fucking pedophiles, well, that's a safety hazard for me, and it's safety hazard for all of us who work here and everything else. It should get fixed and addressed, and the only reason it's not getting fixed and addressed because people in Austin don't understand the magnitude of this, and the reason that they don't understand the magnitude of this is because of bad communication.

Car [00:44:47]:
Okay, let's unpack that a little bit. Let's go back to the assistant DA thing. So what's going on there? And did he get reprimanded? Is he losing his job?

Alex [00:44:57]:
I don't know the full details of it, but this is just what I know. Okay. And we could google it, or you can. Do you want me to google it? I don't want to take my phone out and Google and start looking at this, but.

Car [00:45:06]:
Okay, so you don't know much more than that. It is. So who's the DA on top of them?

Alex [00:45:10]:
Jose Garza.

Car [00:45:12]:
Where did he come from?

Alex [00:45:13]:
He was a lawyer for, like, the Workers Defense Project. Which is basically like another socialist, like worker advocacy union group. And he, he ran this campaign and a lot of there's a nonprofit to public office pipeline, and he was a product of that.

Car [00:45:30]:
Okay, but you're the one that he's saying that you're. So you're saying he's a source.

Alex [00:45:33]:
He has a source. He got $900,000 from George Soros in 2020.

Car [00:45:36]:
And you can prove.

Alex [00:45:37]:
You can prove that his filings. Yeah.

Car [00:45:38]:
Oh, wow.

Alex [00:45:39]:

Car [00:45:40]:
Gosh, that's amazing.

Alex [00:45:45]:
That's. Yeah, that, that's.

Car [00:45:46]:
Do they publish that on like statesman and stuff?

Alex [00:45:49]:
Yeah, well, they publish the finance reports. It gets brought up, but they don't run with it. Like, they'll bring it up and then it'll kind of die off. And, you know, people forget news media is powerful, man. They have the ability to drag a story on forever or kill it immediately, just like they dragged Covid on unnecessarily, which helped, which kind of played a role towards destroying the country. And luckily, through the destruction, people are coming around to what's. People are getting a better understanding of what to value and what not to value. So it's hopefully going to get back from.

Alex [00:46:18]:
We're going to enter into an age of enlightenment, which is good, and I'm thankful for that. But the point is, these media outlets have a lot of power and influence, and if they're not, and if they're not dragging this on, it's because they choose not to.

Car [00:46:32]:
So why is. Cause I want to ask you a really dumb question. So sorry, I just don't follow any of this stuff.

Alex [00:46:39]:
I've been following it less and less because I'm just getting annoyed with everybody because I'm just like, why do I want to follow a bunch of losers who don't actually want to try or make any effort?

Car [00:46:46]:
So why is George Soros doing this for?

Alex [00:46:52]:
Why? Well, George Soros made a fortune short in currencies. And you're betting on the destruction of society also. Another thing is that sometimes people get super rich through bad measures. And he also, his family, he also used to work with the Nazis to help uncover Jews while they were in concentration to send to camps. And he openly worked with the Nazis when he was jewish. I think that he's jewish. Yeah, while being jewish. And so do people know who this guy is? Yeah, it's open.

Alex [00:47:30]:
It's open now. Everyone knows. But the point is that. And they had a 60 minutes special about this guy in 1980. Yeah, you should watch it.

Car [00:47:36]:
Was it good or bad?

Alex [00:47:37]:
No, it was very bad. It was a hit piece. It was a full blown hit piece about this guy. And I think maybe.

Car [00:47:44]:
Where is he now? Is he still alive?

Alex [00:47:45]:
He's, like, 95 years old now. It's his. Basically a sun runs the whole operation. But what I'm trying to say, though, is that. What I'm trying to say is that sometimes when you get rich like that and you've destroyed your soul to such an extent, you'll just try to do anything you can to kind of, like, sleep at night better. And that could maybe be like. And because you're out of touch with regular people, that could just be what you think is the right thing to do.

Car [00:48:09]:
Is Topher still in there? Oh, here, I'll tell.

Alex [00:48:14]:
Okay, sorry. There's also, like, his open society foundation is just a big umbrella organization that gives a lot of money to certain nonprofits. And when you control a social justice narrative, you can also control a financial narrative. There's a big. You can control a financial narrative, just like with COVID And this is just a very glaring example. Right. With COVID a lot of these social justice, progressive woke advocates were the biggest cheerleaders for lockdowns. Well, who did lockdowns benefit? Amazon, Walmart, the big box stores, Microsoft.

Alex [00:48:47]:
All of these big mega corporations. Well, you don't think that these people are donating to the Soros funded organizations as a tax write off. And so it becomes just like a big circle jerk where you're just kind of, like, sneakily exchanging money back and forth to one another. And then you have 15 minutes. That the push for 15 minutes cities at the World Economic Forum, which also creates an even bigger surveillance apparatus controlled by these same tech companies. And when you have an abundance of crime as a result of what's happening with these das and the homelessness and just the poverty and the income inequality through money printing and lockdowns and everything else. Well, people are forced to sell their homes at cheaper prices. And then you can build, you know, small businesses have to close, and then you can build the infrastructure to create these 15 minutes cities.

Alex [00:49:35]:
Like, there's a war on cars now. Like a war on parking, all this other stuff, you know, like, hey, we need to build accessory units to your single family home. It's just. It's designed to create the infrastructure for a 15 minutes city where everything. Where all your conveniences and your groceries and your friendships and your. Basically your life is within a 15 minutes walk from one location or another so that you can live more environmentally, sustainably and not use a car and not pollute and all this other stuff. But. But it also creates a huge surveillance apparatus.

Alex [00:50:06]:
Like, look, in San francisco, you go to the grocery store, you, like, you need somebody actually unlock the produce now because everyone's stealing.

Car [00:50:15]:

Alex [00:50:16]:
Yeah, or like, you go to Walgreens.

Car [00:50:17]:
You can't, like, right now in Austin.

Alex [00:50:19]:
San Francisco, in some of these other places. And that's what this progressive stuff leads to. And eventually it could get to a point where like, hey, man, scan the barcode that we install on your arm. This is like super Alex Jonesy stuff, but like, hey, scan the barcode that we install on your arm or scan this app through your central bank digital currency, and you can. Once you pay for this, we can open the door and you can get your product. And so it just creates a big, like, all of this stuff is just used to create a surveillance state with 15 minutes with, like, complete and total control, complete and total censorship and absolute control of your bank account through central bank digital currencies. That makes sense. It's a lot to unpack, but that's kind of like how I try to explain it.

Car [00:51:02]:
Yeah, you should start writing. It's just. It's just I've just come to realize, like the, you know. You know that saying, like, the pen is mightier than the sword type of thing.

Alex [00:51:11]:
The camera is mightier than the pen.

Car [00:51:12]:
You think so?

Alex [00:51:13]:
Yeah. The best weapon you can have is a camera. When you go to a camera with a camera and you. And you can communicate, you get to see things exactly for what they are. Yes, absolutely. The camera. Like those city council meetings, right? Like those city council meetings that Alex Stein did. Millions of people see those videos.

Alex [00:51:36]:
And that changes views, that changes culture, that changes society, that makes things cool. You know, it changes the parameters of what's cool and what's not cool, which gets shared through millions of people.

Car [00:51:46]:
Interesting. So how do we get out of this? How do we get out of this kind of thing that the state that we're in here in Austin with all the DA and all that kind of stuff, like, do you think there's a way out?

Alex [00:51:59]:
You got to build better systems. That's what it is. And that's why I'm getting annoyed with this whole social media stuff, because everyone just wants to argue and engagement farm and they care more about getting their clicks and their likes and their Elon bucks. You know what I mean?

Car [00:52:11]:
Wait, is it giving out dollars now?

Alex [00:52:12]:
Well, yeah. Cause you can get subscriptions down on Twitter and all this other stuff, right? And that's just more important than actually like using your voice to fight tyranny. Because when you have tyranny, nobody can make any money, and nobody can be entrepreneurial, and nobody can invest in molasses, and nobody can live according to how we grew up living in America. So that's my view on it. But you gotta build a bridge to a better society. And the better society is open source computing using sound money, having. Having bitcoin, obviously making sure your stuff is safe and you're not putting your things on exchanges. And just having people around you that can help guide you towards becoming more private and self sovereign.

Alex [00:52:53]:
And I've actually been, I'm lucky that, and you guys have been so helpful with a lot of that. But also like, there's a guy named Polycarp Nakamoto, and he helped me get a tails wallet. He helped me with installing the star nine, with getting a Linux operating system. And he does a really good job of educating people on the importance of privacy, and how you can actually use privacy tools to circumvent the apparatus of the deep state. And then you guys are also helping to verify that everything is kosher with all of that. And you get to just through being around people who are really technologically savvy and very privacy focused, and have these ideals of freedom. And they know how to build on freedom versus complaining about losing freedom. I think that's how you get out.

Alex [00:53:47]:
You got to build on freedom, and you got to be open minded, and you have to have humility to try to always understand that there's always more information. And the goal is building on freedom versus complaining about tyranny. Because all the complaining does nothing unless you're actively building something better. And that's what's great about Alex Jones, is he complains and he exposed a lot of stuff that's wrong with what the globalists and what the Davos class are doing. And you know what? Because he exposed everything, now you pass the torch on to people like you, people like poly people at Plebla, the people at unchained, to build a better system so that these globalist entities do not have the same control over our lives that they're trying to enact.

Car [00:54:28]:
Yeah, I would say. I mean, I've seen it, seen it. I talk about this all the time on the pod, so it's probably getting annoying at this point. But you know, since 21, I feel I've just felt compelled that in order to change anything, and you have to kind of just get up there and start doing it, regardless if no one wants to help you. And usually you'll find a couple of like minded people and you just start doing your thing. And I think maybe that's kind of what we're seeing again, because it's a new cycle, so there's more people finally seeing the, seeing the line and then now they're stepping up and that's probably what you're seeing. But pleb lab, just for the record, we just need to be around for entrepreneurs and builders and developers, anybody that wants to get to success in whatever capacity that means.

Alex [00:55:11]:
So we do do a lot of cool stuff inside.

Car [00:55:14]:
We do do some open source workshops on the weekends and people from the community to come in, and then Tuesdays as well. We have our hackerspace days.

Alex [00:55:21]:
And we got Jim with Cascada right here, dude. And he actually was helping with my Linux and doing all this other stuff too. And this Cascader stuff is fascinating because AI is going to be used to. AI is with OpenAI. They have, the NSA literally has a backdoor to looking at everything you're doing. And they could create unprecedented amounts of tyranny. But you need AI because knowledge and information is being transmitted to us at an unprecedented rate. And you're going to eventually need to understand how to use AI to be able to catch up and stay ahead in this information warfare.

Alex [00:55:54]:
And you got to do this while keeping your humanity and not merging with the machine and the technology.

Car [00:55:58]:
Wait, you don't want to merge with the machine?

Alex [00:56:00]:
Fuck no.

Car [00:56:02]:
You don't want to buy on a car?

Alex [00:56:03]:
Do you not want to buy. I don't want any of that stuff. No.

Car [00:56:07]:
Are you sure?

Alex [00:56:08]:
I'm positive. Yes. Dude, my arms already checked anyway. I don't need any of that, dude.

Car [00:56:11]:
Oh, wait, you don't want to be like the, like that Marvel character with the bionic arm.

Alex [00:56:15]:
I already look like a Marvel character, so I gotta just do a cycle now. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. But you know, like, we're having, like, you're already seeing better solutions and better forms of AI and more sovereign ways of doing things that are just getting built. And because it's becoming really popular, the goal is to make it even more popular amongst younger people so that, you know, regular people build better technology at a faster rate than what the Davos class is trying to build. And that's how. And it's a race, and you just got to do your best to help get freedom over the hill.

Car [00:56:49]:
Yeah. And then there's another, there's another company here in Austin doing. It's called open agents, and from there, you can pick your own LLM and be able to pay in bitcoin. It's freaking awesome. But with that one specifically, you can. There can be a community of agents, basically, that can go and do certain things for you, and then you just pay them directly in bitcoin. It's awesome.

Alex [00:57:08]:
I'm just saying, like, this whole business right, right there. Is he coming out?

Car [00:57:11]:
Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like, this whole based AI revolution is happening. It's starting in bitcoin. Yeah.

Alex [00:57:16]:
And it's awesome. And it's good. And you know what? Bitcoin is going to change the culture. Because, look, ten years ago, it was cool to, like, go out, go clubbing, and try to sleep with. I think it was broadcasted. Like, it was cool to be, like, a total degenerate. And now we have better money. And once you have better money, people's focus becomes.

Alex [00:57:35]:
People become better because there's an. There's a direct incentive to be better. And so then eventually, like, culture and society changes, and it changes in the best way possible.

Car [00:57:46]:
Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna say, I feel like it's swinging back the other way now. Cause even, like, at my church, I was telling somebody here earlier, like, you're even seeing more women who you would consider woke start coming to the church now, which is totally different than I remember a few years ago.

Alex [00:58:01]:
It's good. You should embrace that.

Car [00:58:02]:
Oh, no, I do. I'm just saying people are waking up now.

Alex [00:58:05]:
You also have to be careful people.

Car [00:58:06]:
That you would never think that would wake up.

Alex [00:58:09]:
Well, you also be careful people just trying to do this for the wrong reasons.

Car [00:58:11]:
What do you mean?

Alex [00:58:12]:
Like, you know, like, there was this porn star on, and now, then, like, all of a sudden, she just, oh, I came to Jesus, and now I'm married. And, you know, now I. Now she just went from that to just full blown Jesus. Like, I'm not gonna say freak, but that's the best word I can think of for right now. And here's the thing, right? I think that if people are doing that, that's awesome, and you should support people in their journey. But there also is a possibility that somebody like that could be doing that because they see the culture changing and they want to capitalize on that. But generally speaking, I think that if you're doing this organically, it's always good to verify, to make sure people are doing this stuff and they're doing it for. They're doing it because they genuinely believe it versus trying to.

Car [00:58:55]:
How would you really know, though? How would you know?

Alex [00:58:59]:
You don't. And what I'm trying to say is that when you focus on your own improvement and the improvement of building a stronger community for yourself, you don't need to fixate on that. So you're saying, like, it doesn't matter.

Car [00:59:12]:
So you're saying the proof of work is all that counts.

Alex [00:59:14]:

Car [00:59:14]:
In her life, maybe.

Alex [00:59:15]:
Yeah, it doesn't matter. Like, it doesn't matter. It's not even worth fixating over in any capacity. I'm just giving an example of the fact that there's a possibility of people who might be doing this to grift, and they're not doing it for that's what grift. They might be just doing it for the wrong reasons. And generally speaking, it's like, look, we're friends, right? You're my friend. You married?

Car [00:59:36]:

Alex [00:59:37]:

Car [00:59:39]:
Are you gonna get married or something?

Alex [00:59:41]:
No, no. I'm asking just a question. Right? Like, let's say, like, you meet a girl, like, you know, you meet a girl at church, at a spiritual function, and it's like, oh, she turned out she used to be a stripper. You know, where are you going with this? Like, but now she found Jesus.

Car [00:59:54]:
Like, where are you going with this?

Alex [00:59:55]:
What would you like now she found Jesus. Would you, like, would you be.

Car [01:00:00]:
Are you asking me if I'll date a stripper or something?

Alex [01:00:02]:
Yeah, she found Jesus.

Car [01:00:03]:
Now, I don't know, man. I'm not.

Alex [01:00:06]:
But this is where it comes down to, because the purpose of doing this is to find a family. Because if you don't find a family, the government becomes your family. And then you have sprinkles of drag queen reading stories to your five year old kid in a thong at the elementary school. But real talk, dude, you know, the purpose of this cultural transformation is to build families and communities so that you don't. So that you become more self sovereign and don't need the. And are less dependent on the apparatus of the state as people are right now. And so as a result of that, like, there's. You want to get married, you want to have relationships, you want to do all that stuff.

Alex [01:00:41]:
You go to church, you're in church, you're at a spiritual function. You meet a girl who all of a sudden, now, she found Jesus. She just found Jesus, like, maybe a couple years ago or a year ago, but she used to be a stripper, and she also was an escort. Would you, like, would you date someone like that?

Car [01:00:58]:
I never know when you're being no.

Alex [01:01:00]:
I'm actually dead serious. I'm dead serious. Would you date somebody?

Car [01:01:03]:
I don't know. I'm asking you. Would you date somebody like that?

Alex [01:01:06]:
Well, I'm in a. I'm in a committed relationship for, like, seven and a half years.

Car [01:01:09]:
You weren't?

Alex [01:01:13]:
I don't think I could ever date someone that was an escort. I think when it comes to the stripper stuff, my view is that maybe this sounds bad, but I wouldn't wait. I couldn't see myself waiting to have sex with somebody when that person was probably giving it up to anybody and everybody and has had a body count over 100 people. I feel like a sucker. If I had to. If I was, like. If I were to have to, like, wait to get laid from somebody who was giving it up to everybody with minimal effort, I don't know that I could be able to physically. I don't know that that's something that I could do.

Alex [01:01:59]:
And it's okay to be honest, just, like, I don't think I could date a single mom. But there are people who do that and become really great step parents and find, like, true everlasting love and develop these amazing relationships. And it doesn't mean that all single moms are bad. And if you're a single mom, it doesn't mean you should give up hope and be treated, like, treated badly. But I personally don't think that I could do that right with where I'm at. With where I'm at right now. And there's no. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Alex [01:02:28]:
Like, if you can't do it, that's okay. Just, like, it's okay to not want trannies to read to children or it's okay to not, like, you know, it's okay to, like, have your own. Have boundaries. Like, that is okay. You're not a bad person for wanting to have boundaries or wanting to have. Or being self aware and understanding what's going on. But no, the point is, and it's not. It's not demonizing.

Alex [01:02:50]:
Like, it's just. Would you, like, would you, or would you. How would you feel about, like, you meet a girl? She's really pretty, really nice. Like, she has a lot of the same beliefs that you. That you have, but, yo, she used to be a prostitute. What? Like.

Car [01:03:08]:
I never know when you're serious.

Alex [01:03:09]:
No, I'm actually very serious right now. I'm being very serious.

Car [01:03:12]:
Let's change the subject, because people don't want to hear this kind of stuff.

Alex [01:03:14]:
Do they not?

Car [01:03:15]:
No, they don't. They really don't.

Alex [01:03:16]:
Okay, fine, we'll change the subject. But it's just about the culture and the culture shifting. I think what you're aware to, like.

Car [01:03:21]:
It'S not summarizing last ten minutes, I think you're trying to say is, like, how can you trust people that say they do these things, but they really don't?

Alex [01:03:28]:
Because you just don't know. Yeah, you don't know. And it's just a matter of, like, well, what if you just got played? What if this person said, like, okay, here's how I'm gonna say this. Right? It's like rug pulling, right? Like, what if you meet somebody who you think has a bunch of. Has a bunch of the same values that you have, and they had this past and did all this stuff, and then you marry them, and you wind up trying to have this relationship, and then it turns out, like, no, dude, you just married somebody that was completely different from who you were with. And then the family and the foundation that you wanted to build is just not gonna get built.

Car [01:03:58]:
I think I got an entity for that.

Alex [01:03:59]:
Okay. Yeah.

Car [01:04:00]:

Alex [01:04:00]:
So that's kind of where I was getting at, right?

Car [01:04:02]:
Yeah, I think it has. I think it's more like Jeffersy. Like, in the early days of social media, people would buy likes and views and all those type of thing.

Alex [01:04:10]:

Car [01:04:11]:
And then, like, people would be like, oh, how did that guy become so popular? And it's like, oh, because he bought a bunch of likes and views and followers and all that kind of stuff. I think it's kind of the same thing where you're not really helping yourself. Like, you're only hurting yourself, I think, in the long run, and you're not really helping yourself. Like, if the whole point for you to find a place in whatever you believe, I think you're doing a disservice to yourself, if anything. Cause it's better just to. I mean, hard things cost time and money, and it's hard to do these things. It's hard to love. It's hard to trust.

Car [01:04:46]:
It's hard to do all these things. And by you lying to yourself and just. You're not helping yourself, that makes any sense. It's supposed to be a hard path. Like, the holy path is a hard path.

Alex [01:04:57]:
Yes. I hope that I don't come across as being judgmental towards people. I don't want to do that. I just think that there are always added layers of complexity to different circumstances in life that people should just be aware of and understand just to navigate.

Car [01:05:14]:
I also think, too. I think I'm a firm believer just letting it play out and just letting that do its own thing. You'll find out in time whether that person was or not. I mean it, because you. It's one thing to lie to yourself and say that you're doing all these things, but to never think, to actually do them. And the truth will always show, show itself, always shows.

Alex [01:05:36]:
And you should always nurture people when they're on a journey to self improvement. But these journeys take a long time. And you should just never believe somebody at face value. That's all I'm really trying to say is that you should never believe somebody at face value. And growth takes years and years and years and the people are trying to grow. You nurture them and you support them and you say, I'm really proud of you for doing all this stuff. But you just don't jump into relationships or anything like that until you know for sure as, like, whether or not the values and everything else is in line with each other. That's kind of all I'm trying to say.

Alex [01:06:07]:
And, yeah, you know, the whole, would you date someone like that? It's an inflammatory statement. But these inflammatory statements, they're just designed.

Car [01:06:13]:
To get people to think, yeah, I don't know.

Alex [01:06:15]:
That's all it is. Right? It's just designed to get people to.

Car [01:06:17]:
Figure you were just trying to make a joke.

Alex [01:06:18]:
But no, I actually, I really wasn't. And I know it sounds funny, but I was genuinely.

Car [01:06:22]:
Because your straight face is as good as your laughing face.

Alex [01:06:24]:
It is like, yeah.

Car [01:06:29]:
You never know when you're pulling your leg. Anyway, that's interesting conversation. So let's jump back into. Let's jump back into the Austin stuff. So have you ever gotten to a fight with any of these people that have stiffed you on the pedicab?

Alex [01:06:44]:
A couple times.

Car [01:06:44]:

Alex [01:06:45]:
Once? Yeah. Usually I try not to.

Car [01:06:47]:
Are they usually from out of town or.

Alex [01:06:49]:
Yeah, I got a fellow f one a couple years ago.

Car [01:06:51]:
Why would they do to you?

Alex [01:06:52]:
You still want to pay me? It was like two in the morning.

Car [01:06:53]:
Oh, man. Dude, that sucks.

Alex [01:06:56]:
What did you do, hit him in the face and knocked him out.

Car [01:06:59]:
You. You drove him all the way from f one downtown.

Alex [01:07:02]:
Now, it wasn't f one. It was like, from Wessex. It was just some european trash douchebag. Right, like I drove in the fourth. You didn't want to pay me or you just didn't have. You said he'd pay me. You didn't have the money.

Car [01:07:10]:
I was like, why don't you take the money beforehand? Because it was.

Alex [01:07:13]:
Venom was on Venmo. You didn't have any cash. And usually I trust people, and also, it's better to not take the money before him, because if they love the ride, they tip you more. And it's. That's what it is.

Car [01:07:20]:

Alex [01:07:20]:
Most people. Most people do not stiff you, and most people are not like that. And if I do feel like there's a trust issue, I will take it beforehand. But USUALLY I don't. Right? USUALLY it's fine. And I was also in a weird. I was. I USUALLY don't get enough.

Alex [01:07:34]:
I usually rarely get stiffed, and I usually don't get into fights people because of that. Cause it's not worth it. It's, like, $10 or $20, and it's not worth getting to fight over $20.

Car [01:07:41]:

Alex [01:07:42]:
But I was already kind of, like, having a bad day and already pissed about something else, and so this guy just didn't want to pay me, and so I just hit him. He dropped, and then, like.

Car [01:07:49]:
But you take jiu jitsu, though, right?

Alex [01:07:50]:
Yeah, I mean, I've done a little. Yeah.

Car [01:07:51]:
So you could really hurt somebody.

Alex [01:07:53]:
Yeah, you could, but I didn't use any jujitsu on him. I just hit him at the left hook, and he fell.

Car [01:07:57]:
Oh, wow. Do you hit Hard?

Alex [01:08:01]:
I don't know. I mean, I hit hard enough for him to fall, but not hard enough for him to get hurt.

Car [01:08:05]:
Was he bigger than you?

Alex [01:08:05]:
Yeah, he's bigger than me, but he was, you know. Look, there was also. He's probably out partying, so who knows? All right. You know, gosh.

Car [01:08:14]:
What'S the craziest thing that you've seen downtown when you're on him? Have you ever seen, like.

Alex [01:08:19]:
But actually, he didn't pay me, but, like, two other guys who were at the bar waiting in line gave me $30 because I felt they just. They just wanted to give. They wanted just paying for his fair, which is kind of cool. And I just drove off, you know?

Car [01:08:30]:
Yeah. What's the craziest thing you ever seen down there.

Alex [01:08:34]:
Dude? I once saw these. Oh, I could tell you this. I once saw these, like, two guys beating up their girlfriends, like, downtown.

Car [01:08:43]:
Oh, my God.

Alex [01:08:44]:
Yeah. Like, did you stop it? Yeah, I had customers in my cabin there. Other cabbers are watching this. And at first, I'm like, I'm playing my songs, and we're jamming out, having a great time doing all this. I see what's happening. I'm like, yo, is everything all right? And it looks like they're like, oh, we're fine. Everything's cool. And then all of a sudden, I see this guy just, like, shove his girlfriend or just elbow his girlfriend, do something else, like, yo, what do you know? Then I get off the bike and I confront them.

Car [01:09:09]:
Good for you, man.

Alex [01:09:10]:
Yeah, and then the guy, like, one of the. One of the kids just took a swing at me, and I just fucking hit him. And then, like, he dropped, like, drops. I mean, look, I had a couple boxing fits when I was younger, but.

Car [01:09:21]:
So you're kind of like Batman down there.

Alex [01:09:22]:
No, I'm not. I just got lucky and I hit him and he fell. Have you ever thought as fuck?

Car [01:09:26]:
Have you ever thought about just being Batman?

Alex [01:09:27]:
Just dressing up in a costume and just hitting people?

Car [01:09:29]:
No, just, like, being a vigilante like that. Like, dress up as Batman.

Alex [01:09:32]:
I want to catch pedophiles like Alex Rosen.

Car [01:09:34]:
No, but I'm saying, like, dress up as Batman on the petty cab on the weekends, and then just fight crime.

Alex [01:09:38]:
No, I just want to get paid and give rides and play my rap.

Car [01:09:40]:
I think you get more money if you're dressed up as Batman.

Alex [01:09:43]:
No, I do fine with my people. Like, my. Into, like, my. My educational lyrics. But anyway, then his friend. The story gets crazy. Okay? So then his, like. And then, um, his friend comes up, and I'm like, I was, you know, still in.

Alex [01:09:56]:
In fight mode. And this other pedicure pulls me away from everything because the friend had a knife on him. I didn't know.

Car [01:10:02]:
Oh, no. What'd you do?

Alex [01:10:03]:
Like, I just went back to my Kevlar vest.

Car [01:10:05]:
This is why black man.

Alex [01:10:06]:
Well, okay, so there are other petty cabbers in the situation. Did you kick it? I just, like, figured everything was kind of under control, and so I just had my customers, and I just got back in my cabin, drove my customers to rainy street where they wanted to go.

Car [01:10:19]:

Alex [01:10:19]:
And that was it. And then the cops never show up.

Car [01:10:23]:
For any of this stuff.

Alex [01:10:23]:
Alex, the story continues.

Car [01:10:25]:
Oh, okay. He followed you?

Alex [01:10:27]:
No, no. This other driver named Leo gave everybody a ride, right? He winds up giving the girls a ride. Cause the girls are trying to get away from the guys and all this other stuff, right?

Car [01:10:36]:

Alex [01:10:36]:
And the guys jump in the cab, and they're still beating up their girlfriends while he's giving them a ride, right? And so he just. He tells the guy. He tells him that he has to deliver an eight ball of coke or some fucking blow to one of the bouncers at native hostel at the time. He goes and tries to tell them what's happening. They threw him out. My other friend Mike is following and trailing, and I guess the cops got called and he's trailing to see what's happened. And when they kick out my friend from the bar, a couple of police officers start rolling up and they get in my friend Mike's cat. They see that those guys, the kids see the cops, and the kids fucking make a run for it.

Alex [01:11:12]:
And then my friend Mike is in his petty cab with the cops in the back of the cab, and they chase these guys on a petticab to catch them and arrest them. And it turns out, like, the guy who I hit had like a fucking gun on him, you know what I mean? And could have fucking shot me if I didn't leave. And had like. And they had a ton of, they were just fucking big drug dealers and all this other stuff. And then a day and a half later, Leo the driver sees those same kids who beat up their girlfriend just out shopping, like together for clothes, like nothing happened. And I'm just like, oh, that's cool. Just let these fucking deranged criminals just.

Car [01:11:45]:
So what you're talking about is basically what KV reported on a few weeks ago, or maybe it was last week. I mean, let me just bring this up real quick. So private investigator undercover report finds alleged illegal alcohol sales, drug deals on 6th street. So the Pecan street owners associate hired a private investigator to look into the concerns about alleged drugs, violence and illegal activity on 6th street. And so this was on K View, dude, they actually, this, this report shows a PDF of them actually going into what exactly they found. Yeah, it's pretty gruesome, man. But drug dealers, let me just explain this to the audience that's listening at home. So the pecan street owners association has been investigating alleged illegal after hours alcohol sales and drug deals on the street.

Car [01:12:31]:
Back in March, they hired the owner of VCO Security and investigations, Marcus Stoke, who was also a former Texas alcohol beverage commissioner. So he's a TABC supervisor. To go undercover, he said that we, this is my quote. We would go over to the unlicensed clubs, after hours clubs, and we would work those usually till about four or five in the morning. He went on to say that they stay in those bars and can really drink until daylight. He goes on to say the drug activity, especially the serious drug activity, including heroin and fentanyl, and those things needs to be enforced. He said people are literally driving there with their own alcohol and drugs and just having a big street party. He goes on to say.

Car [01:13:08]:
I would say it's time to probably open the street back up to where that criminal element can't just flourish right there like that anymore. So basically, what's happening, Alex, right here, for the people that are listening at home, is the Austin PD is just. It's just kind of supervising that street. They're not actually, because in the valley and some of these places in other parts of Texas, they actually have like a drunk tank or whatever you would call that, on site to arrest people for any of this kind of stuff. And here, let me just finish. And here on 6th street, they don't actually have that, nor have they ever. And so this private investigator for the Pecan street owners team there is saying that, hey, why isn't this happening? Even at Mardi Gras in Galveston, spring break in south Padre, all these other places, is how they combat some of that drug use and illegal behavior. And this kind of just goes right into what you're saying.

Car [01:14:06]:
Like, it's insane, dude.

Alex [01:14:11]:
Well, there's a lot of demoralization, too. Our police are some of the most demoralized that you have, even in America with. They've been defunded. They feel like they're always being attacked. The city council doesn't have their back in any capacity. And our DA is just lets violent criminals out on PR bonds on a pretty regular basis. And to top it off, to top it off, they will overly persecute the cops for doing anything that could be a potential violation of the law. Totally arbitrary.

Car [01:14:44]:
And I'll link to this report in the show notes, but let me name a couple of the establishments. So it said Mala Vida and Mala Pharma, he says, most definitely a criminal enterprise, he said, creaking the cave. Drug activity lit lounge gang activity 512 bar gang activity. The cut. Engaging in organized criminal activity. Space organized criminal activity tellers engaging in organized criminal activity. And then he says, Sabine street, just in general. There's a part, approximately a dark street area of Sabine where mostly people are purchasing narcotics and then going back to the club.

Car [01:15:19]:
And this whole report goes into it. And he says, as a lifetime peace officer and expert witness in this field, I would recommend the following immediate actions. He says report violations to TABC and Austin PD report violations to comptroller. TBC must be held accountable to investigate violations. Share report with APD install boilers to temporary widen sidewalks. Hold bars accountable. Proactively monitor halo cameras. Eliminate food vendors.

Car [01:15:47]:
Eliminate mass gathering. There needs to be divisions in narcotics and vice in this area. And the APD must keep arresting every single violation of hold the law. And that's the end of the report. It's insane, dude.

Alex [01:16:00]:
What's also crazy is that it's pretty stealth. Like when I get pedicab rides, I don't notice any of that. I don't notice anything. I'm giving ride. But I also barely go on 6th.

Car [01:16:09]:
Street, dude, we still. We used to.

Alex [01:16:11]:
So office was on six.

Car [01:16:13]:
Yeah, plug loves office was right there on Sabina. And we saw that every day of our. Every day. We would see that every see bums.

Alex [01:16:19]:
Everywhere all the time.

Car [01:16:19]:
Well, it's not that. We would see the whole drug activity and we would call it in and nurse nothing.

Alex [01:16:24]:

Car [01:16:24]:
So I'm, like, applauding these people for doing the investigation. Go in the investigation, and hopefully they.

Alex [01:16:30]:
Can change what happens. Like, you need a new da.

Car [01:16:32]:
Well, this was last week. This was last week. So we'll see what changes. But, you know, this is why we do podcasts like this, to talk about these sort of thing. Because I care about Austin, dude. I don't want to. I don't want this to be.

Alex [01:16:43]:
Well, you know, it's. You know, it's funny, man.

Car [01:16:45]:
I don't think it is. I don't think it is going to turn into this. I think. I think people are going to fix.

Alex [01:16:48]:
It to go back to Alex Jones car. They want to get rid of all of his social media accounts and everything like that. But these drug dealers and these violent criminals get to have as much social media as they want.

Car [01:16:58]:
So let's jump into a rapid fire, because we're going to. We're going to run this up already. But what's, what's a book that you've been reading lately that you find to.

Alex [01:17:08]:
Be really gradually, then suddenly.

Car [01:17:10]:

Alex [01:17:11]:
Yeah. I've been like, almost. I'm more than halfway through. I want to finish because I want to have them on my podcast.

Car [01:17:15]:
Okay. That's. That's a nice goal. Secondly, I know we talked about some of the illegal stuff that you see down there in downtown and how they're trying to fix it, but what are some of the good things that you. What is, like, one of your favorite memories that you've seen downtown while you're pedicabbing?

Alex [01:17:31]:
Well, I just think the culture's changing.

Car [01:17:34]:
Is your favorite memory?

Alex [01:17:36]:
No, I mean, like. Oh, just personal, individual memories.

Car [01:17:39]:
Yeah. What's your. One of your favorite memories? Pedicapping.

Alex [01:17:44]:
Let me think about this. I gave Alex Jones a ride once, but that was years ago. And he gave me dollar 100 tip for taking him a block and all I wanted was a picture but I was actually riding a golf cart. It wasn't even technically a pedicat, but still I'm counting it. Favorite memory? I guess. Honestly it's just a collection. Right. When I play my songs and do my sales pitch about hey, we're fighting communism and this and that, whenever I get the positive feedback, keep telling the truth, brother.

Alex [01:18:11]:
You're doing God's work. And when I hear you, yeah, I hear a lot of positive affirmations about this stuff, which makes me really happy and makes me want to give more eyes and be out there more. It makes me feel like doing something good.

Car [01:18:21]:
The last question is, you said that you found your faith again because you're jewish.

Alex [01:18:26]:

Car [01:18:27]:
And so like what has changed in your life and your, and your girlfriend's life at home that you find to be much more fuller now than before? Or hasn't. Or hasn't. Yeah.

Alex [01:18:43]:
What has changed? Honestly, I don't know if anything like really, really changed so much. I just think that I'm like mentally able to navigate everything and I'm just continuing to have my mental health and happiness. And I think a lot of people who do what I do lose sight of who they are and they become, they lose their mental health and they get giant egos and they become probably pretty unpleasant to deal with. And I, you know, or they, they lose sight about why they're doing it and they do things for clicks and content and not for the right purposes and they develop an unrealistic expectation of the world around them and of who they are. And I think that me do my best to try to explore this. Like listen and don't get me wrong, I'm, I've, the amount of progress I've made is very negligible and minimal and I'm just starting this. Okay. It's something I'm just starting and trying.

Car [01:19:27]:
Is your girlfriend on board with it?

Alex [01:19:28]:
I mean she's been, she's actually not even Jewish. She's Christian. But she's been going, she like will listen to the Red Rocks church on Sunday.

Car [01:19:34]:

Alex [01:19:35]:
And then she has like a Bible and she'll read it and I love that. And I think that's awesome because it doesn't matter. As long as you get in touch with God, that's what matters. Right. And so, so you think it's changed.

Car [01:19:46]:
You for the better because of, it's helping you with, navigate the darkness right now in the world.

Alex [01:19:51]:
Well, yeah, I just think it like, I think that, but I think it just also makes it so that, like, you want to be happier, I think, right. Or you just, like, want or, like, you get. It's hard to tangibly explain, but I think that, like, when you, like, love God and try to serve God, like, you just get better ideas come to you because everything that you do, I think, just comes from God.

Car [01:20:12]:
Yeah, you were saying that the last.

Alex [01:20:13]:
Time, and you might not even understand how that works, or it just gives you an appreciation. You're just like, man, I'm grateful. Yeah.

Car [01:20:21]:
I think the gratefulness is kind of the thing that I found. Here's the thing.

Alex [01:20:29]:
I could easily be angry about not having 100,000 followers. I could be mad that I don't make a ton of money off of my videos are not an income generator. I spend money on my videos. I don't make money from any of this stuff. I could be angry about that. I could be mad that my songs are not number one and two or whatever top five songs in the country. Because my Biden song and my trump song are good. They are fired.

Alex [01:20:54]:
They are really good songs. I should be getting invited and booked to play these songs at every, almost every conservative event that there is. From a talent wise, I do feel as though my abilities are there. I am grateful that I have that much confidence and self confidence that I feel this way. If I didn't have a stronger faith, that confidence could very easily turn to anger and jealousy about, why am I not doing that? But instead, I'm just like, okay, it didn't happen. But what did happen? I have a job I love. I don't have to set an alarm clock. I'm in a very happy, loving relationship.

Alex [01:21:28]:
We're exclusive, we're faithful, always have been. I still have my best friend, still have a good relationship with my family. I'm financially, my life has improved exponentially since COVID and ive been able to keep my mental health. And actually, probably my mental health is probably better and stronger and more resilient to psyops and everything else than it was five or six or seven years ago. And I have a house in a nice area, and I have a garden, learning how to grow my own food. And im learning all these things that I think are really beneficial and the building blocks of fighting the tyranny that I talk about. So I think that, like, I guess having a good religious foundation just helps, or just learning about that just helps. You always be self aware and always try to remain humble and just, you know, it gives me the ability to do my best to do things for the right reasons.

Alex [01:22:23]:
And I guess that's really it. And it's making me feel, it just tries to make me a little more introspective. Like when you're making the video, what's the purpose? Why are you making this? What's the goal? And it also makes you very more guarded about how you treat yourself, because now you have a responsibility. It's like, look, and it's a rant, but when you're dealing with people, it's beautiful. When you're dealing with people who, I.

Car [01:22:55]:
Feel like I'm getting to know the inner you right now, when you're dealing.

Alex [01:22:57]:
With that can print up money at will and utilize direct energy weapons and send category five hurricanes to other countries as a means of warfare and manufacture viruses and create algorithms that control how people think. The only thing that you can do is have a faith in God. Because that beats all of that. There's no other. I just don't see another choice.

Car [01:23:25]:
It's beautiful. I love it.

Music [01:23:32]:

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