Car talks with Christopher David, founder of OpenAgents, about the BASED AI revolution that is coming. They envision a community where individuals can contribute data, models, and agents, fostering collaboration and innovation. What truly distinguishes them is the direct compensation in Bitcoin for contributors, a feature that not only rewards expertise but also empowers individuals, making them feel valued and integral to the agent ecosystem. If you're looking for a glimpse into the future of this revolution, check out the pod.

Topics discussed:

  • new york
  • austin
  • pioneering vision
  • open-source
  • niche down
  • disruptive potential
  • decentralized ai
  • microsoft
  • open protocols
  • ai stack
  • china
  • communism
  • openagents
  • goth mode
  • gpu compute
  • ten fiat
  • github copilot
  • walks
  • whats coming

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