Cobain was notably self-deprecating and modest about the success of his band, Nirvana. He frequently voiced his unease with the band's overwhelming fame and the intense scrutiny and expectations accompanying their rise to stardom. Despite his passion for music, Cobain did not chase fame or adopt an arrogant demeanor. Instead, he grappled with the burdens of fame, indicating a complex relationship with his identity, drug abuse, and his public persona.

Sunday Orange Flow this week is to share the lessons learned from running PlebLab, hoping this can help others embarking on similar missions. 

The story of PlebLab is still being written, but its impact is undeniable. The lessons I draw from these experiences are stored in the digital ether with infinite futures. 

Looking back on my first year running PlebLab, the past twelve months have unfolded like a never-ending tour, with moments of optimism, packed spaces, valleys of starvation, and beautiful roadside memorials.

It's important to note that PlebLab's journey is still ongoing and never fully safe. The future will ultimately determine whether the wisdom of these insights is worth the ghost data it is stored on.

🤙 Onward

PlebLab's soul is rooted in undertaking epic endeavors and pushing the limits within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our ethos is grounded in two fundamental beliefs: the necessity for every major city to establish a Bitcoin hub and the urgent need to foster the creation of countless Bitcoin companies within this decade. 

Doing this for 4 years, I am convinced that this path leads directly to hyperbitcoinization. 

This belief comes from our focus on building strong communities from the ground up, both online and in the real world, since 2021. Our past efforts drive us today, inspiring us to support the visionaries and dreamers who dare to see beyond the ordinary.

"Do something epic." isn't just a catchphrase—it's what we expect from everyone inside of PlebLab.

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PlebLab’s mission is to foster an inclusive community of developers, hackers, creatives, and enthusiasts of open-source software/hardware. Creating a space where individuals can collaborate, elevate their skills, and transform seemingly impossible

So, with all that background info, I will start with what my first year of steering PlebLab taught me. 

Lesson 1: Have an Anchor in Faith


Faith cuts across cultural lines and brings unique comfort and solace, especially when it gets tough. It's more than just religious beliefs or spiritual practices; it's about hope, purpose, and a sense of belonging.

But here's the thing - does having an anchor in faith lead to conviction?

Does it shape our experiences, dreams, and how communities manifest?

Absolutely. 💯

Understanding this dance between faith and culture is key to personal growth and knitting stronger communities when times are tough.

One of my most pivotal insights in 2023 was recognizing the significance of wholehearted dedication and the resilient power of faith.

Steering any company requires more than a groundbreaking idea or a comprehensive business strategy based on metrics and data; it necessitates a steadfast belief in the vision you hope to manifest.

In such a scenario, faith extends beyond the real world – this deep-rooted conviction guides choices, lights up pathways in the bleakest moments, and turns obstacles into milestones.

It is about looking past immediate barriers and focusing on the wider picture that benefits everyone.

Lesson 2: Value The People Around You


True ride-or-die people stand unwaveringly beside you through both the highs and the lows—faithful friends, strong advisors, and, sometimes, the most unexpected people come to your rescue.

This year has illuminated the true nature of support, showing that it frequently comes from the most surprising sources. It's not always the loudest individuals but often the silent observers who make a profound difference when it matters most.

Valuing connections and partnerships with other founders and established companies is pivotal for growth. They offer opportunities for learning and adaptation and constructive feedback to refine your path. Recognizing and appreciating these bonds is also crucial, as they lay the groundwork for learning to build a resilient team and community.

Lastly, extending grace to those who part ways during challenging periods is also important. Let it go and move forward.

Lesson 3: Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best


Welcome disaster as an inevitable guest and prepare diligently for its arrival. Cultivate many options and ensure you have safety nets in place or, as I call them, backstops.

Accept setbacks as a natural part of the journey and strategically plan for them. In the ever-evolving Bitcoin ecosystem or just life, encountering challenges isn't a possibility but a certainty. 

Infusing yourself with resilience involves devising well-thought-out contingency strategies, establishing alternative routes, and diversifying your options. 

It's about aiming for the summit while comprehensively equipping for the steep climbs of starvation.

Moreover, embrace the art of patience, allowing events to unfold naturally, and maintain faith that each twist and turn will ultimately lead to a significant endpoint, even when the immediate path is not apparent. 

Most importantly, avoid forcing outcomes, acknowledging that the most harmonious progress often stems from letting things evolve at their own pace and respecting the natural rhythm of people, events and opportunities.

Lesson 4: KISS the 80/20 Rule


The 80/20 rule, paired with the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method, forms a powerful approach to productivity and decision-making.

This emphasizes that 80% of results often come from just 20% of efforts, advocating for a focus on those key activities that yield the most significant outcomes.

We simplify this process by applying the KISS method, stripping away unnecessary complexities, and zeroing in on straightforward, high-impact actions.

This combination encourages a minimalist yet effective strategy, ensuring that resources are utilized where they're most effective. This leads to enhanced efficiency and clarity in planning and execution for the entire team.

It's a basic reminder to keep things simple. Find the few things that matter and make a big difference, then tackle them in the simplest way possible.

Lesson 5: Leverage Core Strengths & Beliefs


This past year at PlebLab, the lessons were loud and clear. Our heart is focusing on empowering builders, developers, founders and startups to thrive within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

By identifying and leveraging what makes us unique, we've been able to enhance our platform and offerings, making it a launchpad for success in various forms—whether that's through open-source grants, a Bitcoin accelerator like Wolfventure capital, or building a solid Bitcoin business that generates steady SatsFlow.

PlebLab wants to help you reach your success.

The understanding began by engaging deeply with the wider Bitcoin ecosystem early last year, allowing feedback to pinpoint where PlebLab fits best and deploying precise resources in those key areas.

Read Everything and Seek Feedback!

Maybe It s My Fault

Constant learning and iteration are the lifeblood of any business, almost to the point of being self-evident; this also helps you and your team consistently maintain high standards.

Equally just as crucial is actively listening to those around you and seeking feedback from those whose perspectives you hold in high regard.

Moreover, continuous reading cannot be overstated; a single insightful book or conversation can prevent years of misdirection.

As a builder, the commitment to always learning and regularly grasping beyond your comfort zone is fundamental to both personal growth and the success of your team and community.

Putting forth ideas and dreams is one thing—seeing them to fruition, and actualization is quite another, and I do think that if somebody can still surprise you, that's good.

When the surprises stop completely, then something's drying up. - Victoria Legrand