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  1. @supertestnet's lastest invention, Hedgehog, is a layer two protocol for asynchronous payments. It's a lot like the lightning protocol, but leverages connectors as they appear in Ark.
  2. Productive use of waste delights most engineers. @NicoHeatingBTC walks us through using bitcoin mining waste heat to warm his home.
  3. @Natalia's been working and traveling for the past 7 years. She shares her motivations, the pros and cons of being a nomad, and what's next.
  4. After years of operating a portable lightning node with 300 channels on a 4G cellular connection, @javier gives up on the node.
  5. The travel industry has one the most perceptible rises of privacy invasion. Back from a recent cruise, @siggy47 dishes about its privacy issues.
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Did you know BIP39 had a 5th author who removed himself?
Thomas Voegtlin(creator of Electrum) removed himself from the authors after multiple disagreements with the BIP39 design.

If you are not aware there was quite a bit of drama on the Bitcoin mailing list around '13 when the standard was being proposed.

For context, Electrum was the 1st deterministic Bitcoin wallet that allowed for a BIP32 seed to be backed up into 12 words, and then came BIP39.

In all fairness BIP39 was kinda rushed, and even though valid criticism was provided regarding it's shortcomings, they were ignored.

Electrum has its own backup scheme that supports versioning & is not dependent on a dictionary, vastly superior IMO.

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  1. @supertestnet: 139.7k sats stacked
  2. @NicoHeatingBTC: 44k sats stacked
  3. @grayruby: 42.8k sats stacked
  4. @DarthCoin: 42.5k sats stacked
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  1. @Undisciplined: 65.7k sats spent
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  4. @DarthCoin: 32.9k sats spent
  5. @TNStacker: 29k sats spent

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  1. @kr: 424 days
  2. @orthwyrm: 308 days
  3. @SatsCats: 209 days
  4. @tnuts420: 208 days
  5. @BitcoinIsTheFuture: 204 days

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