Car talks with Ryan Zak, a pianist and composer. Ryan's compositions, marked by their soft, intricate melodies, feature a harmonious blend of piano, strings, and glockenspiel, creating an atmosphere inviting deep reflection and calm. They explore the rich narrative behind music as a universal language, sharing anecdotes from Ryan's piano-hunting adventures in Mexico and Prague and his deep reverence for Chopin's work. The dialogue also addresses the evolving dynamics of the music industry, highlighting how innovative platforms like Wavlake are revolutionizing the way value is perceived and created for artists. Ryan articulates his philosophy on music's capacity to transform, treating the trials and tribulations inherent in the creative process not as obstacles but as invaluable catalysts for artistic development and innovation.

Topics discussed:

  • meaning of sound
  • mexico
  • piano hunting
  • prague
  • chopin
  • music is language
  • cello
  • ideas
  • expression
  • new life
  • black mirror
  • poo
  • bitcoin
  • energy
  • creativity
  • wavlake
  • music industry
  • value
  • creatives
  • reimagine
  • sam
  • pop music
  • pain is a gift

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