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  1. Bisq, a suite of peer to peer trading protocols, releases version 2 with a new Easy protocol that doesn't require bonds to trade.
  2. Bitcoin is reaching new markets and it has @btc_remnant continuing to lose his faith in the Bitcoin community.
  3. If Bitcoin were different than it is, it'd come at a cost. @kepford focuses on Bitcoin's speed.
  4. @runningbitcoin walks us through, pictures and all, setting up a fresh Mutiny Wallet.
  5. Using a metaphor, @Scoresby explains the relationship and difference of mempool policy and consensus rules.
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Top Monday meme \ 25.2k sats \ @Bitcoin_Bootcamp

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Top Friday fun fact \ 10.7k sats \ @grayruby

From the kiddos:

The atlas moth's wings mimic the profile of a cobra's head to ward off potential predators.


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Top Stackers
  1. @oracle: 145.1k sats stacked
  2. @Scoresby: 58.8k sats stacked
  3. @Undisciplined: 48.8k sats stacked
  4. @grayruby: 43.9k sats stacked
  5. @kr: 40k sats stacked

Top Spenders
  1. @ek: 178.6k sats spent
  2. @phaedrus: 150k sats spent
  3. @Undisciplined: 66.3k sats spent
  4. @pavlenex: 51k sats spent
  5. @TNStacker: 38k sats spent

Top Cowboys
  1. @kr: 417 days
  2. @orthwyrm: 301 days
  3. @kepford: 243 days
  4. @SatsCats: 202 days
  5. @tnuts420: 201 days

  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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