Car talks with Austin Kelsay from PlebDevs and Voltage about the development of Bitcoin and Lightning Network. They delved into how PlebDevs is a vibrant online community dedicated to education and enhancing app development skills and how Voltage offers the fastest and most scalable Lightning solution. They discuss key topics such as the influence of developer influencers, the Nostr, phased app development, and the "10,000-hour rule" for mastering anything. The discussion also touches on startup life, navigating trade-offs in development, and the power of narratives in technology adoption, covering consensus mechanisms, eCash, innovative projects like Mutiny, and philosophical reflections on humanity.

Topics discussed:

  • dev-fluencer
  • plebdevs
  • nostr
  • lightning
  • app development
  • mutiny
  • programming
  • course
  • 10,000-hour rule
  • fold
  • building in phases
  • startup life
  • voltage
  • bitcoin development
  • consensus
  • ecash
  • tradeoffs
  • narratives
  • flying cars
  • the screwtape letters
  • the tooth
  • humanity

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