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  1. Ecash mints are just like the Fed's Repo Window
    • Not satisfied with calling ecash mints custodians, @Scoresby searches for an alternative framing. This time, they compare ecash to repurchase agreements.
    • 17.3k sats \ 37 comments \ @Scoresby
  2. Announcing Super Testnet Workshops
    • @supertestnet wants to mint new bitcoin programmers in his practical, fun, and creative image with a series of educational workshops.
    • 7.2k sats \ 45 comments \ @supertestnet
  3. How Bitcoin Can Play into the Minimalism Movement?
    • Bitcoin maximalism is a misnomer for what is more like devout minimalism. @SatsMate sees bitcoin contributing to the broader minimalist movement by enhancing delayed consumption.
    • 1.8k sats \ 25 comments \ @SatsMate
  4. Gold confiscation in Shanghai, 1948
    • @Signal312, obsessed with the history of gold confiscation, shares China's attempt in 1948. It was both more successful and violent than the US's attempt in 1933.
    • 3.4k sats \ 24 comments \ @Signal312
  5. People who bought Berkshire cheap have their trades undone.
    • NYSE made a boo-boo and canceled trades of Berkshire Hathaway's A shares that were executed at a $620,000 discount, in addition to several other affected stocks like GME.
    • 2k sats \ 34 comments \ @siggy47
El Salvador trip report

@leo reports on his travels to San Salvador, Berlin, El Tunco, and El Zonte trying to use Bitcoin wherever possible.

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