Car talks with Brandon Keys from Green Candle Investments to delve into the macroeconomic landscape of Q2 2024. The conversation spans critical topics such as the impacts of Bitcoin ETFs, rate cut challenges, and surging asset prices. They dive into global tensions, including inflation, political leadership under Biden and Trump, and the effects of the Bitcoin halving. They also discuss the yield curve, job market trends, Nayib Bukele, and the contrast between entrepreneurial hotspots and communism. The roles of TradFi giants like BlackRock, the petrodollar, election dynamics, and key developments in Texas.

Topics discussed:

  • spencer shrader
  • canada
  • rates
  • inflation
  • biden
  • trump
  • bitcoin halving
  • all time high
  • carolina reaper
  • yield curve
  • tenet
  • jobs
  • house of cards
  • nayib bukele
  • america
  • entrepreneurship 
  • austin
  • innovation
  • communism
  • tradfi
  • blackrock
  • values
  • election
  • petro dollar
  • wisconsin
  • gold etf
  • bitcoin etf
  • texas
  • green candle

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