Sam Altman explaining why Microsoft will own all your data and you will like it.

There are concerns that large companies like Microsoft and OpenAI, are working closely with governments, who will try to control and centralize AI technology for their own interests. This could lead to regulatory capture, censorship, and increasing monopolistic practices.

Sound familiar?

"For us I can say it is worth it to go build a model ourselves to make sure that we’re not in that position. I don’t want any of those other companies telling us what we can build. From an open source perspective, I think a lot of developers don’t want those companies telling them what they can build either. So the question is, what is the ecosystem that gets built out around that? What are interesting new things?" - Meta's Zuckerberg on OpenAI & Microsoft

Does it just come down to Closed vs Open? 


Worldcoin is building the world's largest human network and OpenAi is helping. The communist dystopia is here. Thanks Blockchain Capital.

In contrast, closed systems, such as Apple's operating systems and idevices, are more restricted, proprietary, and controlled, with limited opportunities for outside modification or access to the underlying code and architecture.

The justification for open versus closed often hinges on philosophical and pragmatic considerations. Proponents of open systems value transparency, community involvement, and the ability to understand and modify low-level code and hardware.

Open source is about transparency and the power for anyone to contribute to and modify the source code. They are about freedom, about customization, about community. - Linus Torvald

Enter OpenAgents.

The BASED AI revolution is finally here. This week, I talked with Christopher David, the founder of OpenAgents about whats coming. If you're looking for a glimpse into the future of this revolution, check out the pod.

OpenAgents' mission is driven by a unique open marketplace. They envision a community where individuals can contribute data, models, and agents, fostering collaboration and innovation. What truly distinguishes them is the direct compensation in Bitcoin for contributors, a feature that not only rewards expertise but also empowers individuals, making them feel valued and integral to the agent ecosystem.


While the AI industry is abuzz with similar offerings like ChatGPT and Claude Pro, OpenAgents offers a refreshing perspective. Their Pro plan, priced at a modest $10 per month, grants users access to the leading chat models from Mistral, Anthropic, and OpenAI. This affordable option ensures that a comprehensive AI experience is within reach for all putting inclusivity and community first.


However, OpenAgents' true strength lies beyond model aggregation. They aspire to build an "AI stack" founded on the principles of decentralization and openness. By embracing open protocols, open money (Bitcoin), and open-source code, they aim to distribute AI's power and benefits widely, challenging the dominance of large entities in the industry. Its global availability, open-source nature, and commitment to decentralization offer a compelling alternative to the closed ecosystems of big-tech AI.

OpenAgents' platform empowers users by allowing them to upload and monetize their unique datasets. From family recipes to specialized knowledge, users can train custom AI models and agents, creating a niche marketplace for AI services. This not only sparks innovation but also enables individuals and organizations to fully leverage the potential of their data assets.

GitHub - OpenAgentsInc/openagents: An open agents platform (wip)
An open agents platform (wip). Contribute to OpenAgentsInc/openagents development by creating an account on GitHub.

The platform further incentivizes developers by facilitating direct compensation based on usage. With this approach, OpenAgents encourages the creation of plugins, agents, and additional services that enhance the platform's capabilities.


As the pace of AI evolution accelerates, OpenAgents has the potential to disrupt the industry, placing power back into the hands of a ready to contribute open-source community.

Bitcoin only,