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  1. Coinjoin Workshop aka Emessbee 🐝: Unstoppable Coinjoins with No Coordinator
    • Emessbee, pronouned MSB, is a coinjoin client that runs in a browser and coordinates over nostr relays.
    • 19.1k sats \ 33 comments \ @supertestnet
  2. Orange Pilling Has Stopped Working
    • @roy charges us with over-promising and challenges us to build what we've talked about.
    • 5.9k sats \ 50k boost \ 46 comments \ @roy
  3. zap.store, a permissionless app store
    • An app store is a means of discovering apps and verifying they came from the developer. @franzap built a permissionless app store on nostr.
    • 5.7k sats \ 33 comments \ @franzap
  4. The End of Social Media: An Interview With Jack Dorsey
    • Dorsey is interviewed after stepping down from Bluesky's board. He shares Bluesky's mission, how Bluesky strayed from it, why Twitter struggles with free speech, and why nostr won't.
    • 5.5k sats \ 11 comments \ @soggycakes
  5. Broken Money Explainer
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  1. @k00b: 78.9k sats stacked
  2. @Undisciplined: 52.8k sats stacked
  3. @grayruby: 51.3k sats stacked
  4. @StillStackinAfterAllTheseYears: 44.1k sats stacked
  5. @DarthCoin: 41k sats stacked

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  1. @AtlantisPleb: 247.4k sats spent
  2. @k00b: 114k sats spent
  3. @Undisciplined: 54.1k sats spent
  4. @roy: 50.1k sats spent
  5. @TNStacker: 41.3k sats spent

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  1. @k00b: 349 days
  2. @kepford: 292 days
  3. @SatsCats: 251 days
  4. @tnuts420: 250 days
  5. @BitcoinIsTheFuture: 246 days

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