Car talks with Ben Justman, founder of Peony Lane Winery, and shares his entrepreneurial journey, exploring topics like finding Bitcoin, winemaking, risk-taking, and the challenges of building a business. Justman discusses his high-altitude wines' unique flavors and aging process, offering insights into the winery's operations, capital requirements, and the pursuit of product-market fit. He also reflects on mistakes made in the first year and the importance of a long-term mindset. Against the stunning Colorado Rockies, Peony Lane Winery embodies a spirit of innovation and tradition, inviting listeners to discover the purest taste of the region's wine country.

Topics discussed:

  • finding bitcoin
  • making wine
  • flavor
  • aging wine
  • winery
  • risk
  • entrepreneurship
  • opex
  • mrr
  • capital
  • pmf
  • first year
  • mistakes
  • low time pref
  • satoshi reserve
  • 21
  • authenticity
  • one man show
  • the why
  • aspen
  • colorado
  • altitude wines
  • john bonham

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