Local Austinite and Lightning Developer keyan has been slowly building something pretty amazing on Lightning, it's called Stacker.News and it's the future of media on Lightning

Like Slashdot, Digg, Reddit and Hacker News before Stacker.News is the next generation on how we will interact with media in a world embedded with Lightning. Stacker.News is described as, "A Lightning powered Bitcoin news site modelled after Hacker News (which is modelled after Reddit). The intent is to create a better place to discuss Bitcoin."

Did we mention its free open source software made with sound love in Austin, Texas. How groovy is that. I gotta admit it oozes Austin vibes and I love it. It's no wonder its Founder keyan is a very easy going guy with intention on the fundamentals of shipping products. I had a chance to talk with him on the first ever episode of our new show Thriller Lightning. Make sure to check it out and also checkout Stacker.News

Stacker.News is changing how we read news with Lightning.

Our mission is to make sure Bitcoin frees humanity from the shackles of a monetary system not controlled by a central bank. To be untouchable by governments, where value could be transmitted without corruption or interference and unaffected by international borders. We want humanity to thrive and pr…