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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Have a great start to April!

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  1. 0xB10C profiles anomalous P2P activity on their Bitcoin node theorizing its a single entity in LinkingLion: An entity linking Bitcoin transactions to IPs?
  2. The proposal for Route Blinding was merged into the Lightning protocol spec repo following successful interop between CLN and Eclair implementations. In short, Route Blinding gives payment recipients the ability to hide who they are.
  3. Robosats Beginners Guide explains how Robosats works, why you might use it, how to use it most privately, and answers common questions.
  4. @sourcecreator earns bitcoin as a landlord and explains in detail how they onboard tenants and manage inbound lightning liquidity in Lightning Network use case for efficient stacking.
  5. Lightning and privacy researcher, Mutiny Wallet co-founder, and former nostr skeptic, Tony Giorgio, is Embracing Nostr citing non-social media use cases and the developer community as motivators. Fun fact: Tony made a brief appearance as an extra in season 3 of the Italian-American crime drama The Sopranos.
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