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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Let's make this one quick. I have a Serbian Christmas to get to.

Happy New Year, Stackers!

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  1. Lightcoin, who recently wrote Validity Rollups on Bitcoin as part of his HRF fellowship, did an AMA. We learn about John's views on crosschain protocols and sidechains, his research and writing process, the difference between validity rollups and mimblewimble, and much more!
  2. LNBits now has a Marketplace extension courtesy of Pavol, co-founder of Satoshi Labs. tldr you can one-click an ecomm shop that takes P2P digital cash payments.
  3. Luke Dash Jr., long time Bitcoin Core developer, allegedly had ~200BTC stolen. It's hard to tell if this a boating accident, a sophisticated attack, or a security mistake of some kind.
  4. Nico, host of Simply Bitcoin, did an AMA. We learn Nico's approach to Bitcoin education having done it for 8 years(!), the overlap between education and entertainment, making Bitcoin content that's appealing to newcoiners, and more!
  5. @softgiltter2d started a stoicism practice and will be sharing lessons applicable to bitcoiners. This week's lesson encourages us to focus things we can control, like our actions and the safety of our bitcoin, and not worry about things we can't control, like the action of others and the bitcoin price.
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  1. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote
  2. Senior Rust Applications & Frameworks Engineer \ Foundation \ Remote
  3. Project & Operations Manager \ Foundation \ Remote

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