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  1. New major release! Phoenix Android/iOS/Server now supports BOLT12
    • Phoenix continues its lead delivering new protocol features to consumers by shipping BOLT12 support across all platforms.
    • 3.8k sats \ 16 comments \ @Rsync25
  2. Analysis of 0xB10C's weird bitcoin transaction
    • Although the transaction is misattributed, bitcoin transaction connoisseur @supertestnet appreciates the fineness of the transaction's art.
    • 25.3k sats \ 51 comments \ @supertestnet
  3. Mt Gox Distributions and German Gov Selling is good for Bitcoin
    • @grayruby introduces new stackers to our "everything is good for bitcoin" philosophy.
    • 1.5k sats \ 36 comments \ @grayruby
  4. BDMD #3 - Bitcoin is illegal because it is not legal tender
    • People might think legal tender means "legal to use as money," but it actually means something very specific as @DarthCoin explains.
    • 4.1k sats \ 28 comments \ @DarthCoin
  5. Constructive Critism vs. Unconstructive Critism of OpenSats
    • Bitcoiners are suspicious of all gift horses, it's our vibe. @kepford encourages us to be suspicious in productive ways.
    • 3.5k sats \ 23 comments \ @kepford
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  1. @k00b: 135.3k sats stacked
  2. @Undisciplined: 100.6k sats stacked
  3. @Rsync25: 75.3k sats stacked
  4. @grayruby: 64.4k sats stacked
  5. @kepford: 48k sats stacked

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  1. @k00b: 303.9k sats spent
  2. @grayruby: 146.2k sats spent
  3. @MaxAWebster: 113.6k sats spent
  4. @OneOneSeven: 113.6k sats spent
  5. @Public_N_M_E: 109.6k sats spent

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  1. @k00b: 405 days
  2. @BitcoinIsTheFuture: 302 days
  3. @Undisciplined: 284 days
  4. @OneOneSeven: 277 days
  5. @BlokchainB: 263 days

  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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