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  1. Julian Assange has reached a plea deal with the U.S., allowing him to go free
    • Julian Assange pled guilty to "conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense information," was sentenced to time served, and is already back home in Australia with his family.
    • 5.4k sats \ 54 comments \ @saunter
  2. When Money Dies
    • Hyperinflation has happened before and it will happen again. @CarlBMenger summarizes the hyperinflation episodes in Germany and Zimbabwe.
    • 13.5k sats \ 28 comments \ @CarlBMenger
  3. Choose wisely your LN wallet you want to use
    • There are dozens of lightning wallets, but each makes slightly different trade-offs and suits slightly different uses. @DarthCoin helps us visualize the differences of popular lightning wallets.
    • 7.2k sats \ 47 comments \ @DarthCoin
  4. Book Review- The Genesis Book
    • @siggy47 reviews "The Genesis Book" by Aaron Van Wirdum. According to @siggy47, the book covers the anthropology, historical events, cultural movements, and tech breakthroughs that led to the creation of Bitcoin.
    • 2.5k sats \ 30 comments \ @siggy47
  5. BDMD #1 - Bitcoin was hacked / will be hacked
    • @DarthCoin starts a new series, Bitcoin deniers' myths debunked (BDMD), debunking common Bitcoin myths. He starts by debunking the "myth" that Bitcoin will be hacked.
    • 2.8k sats \ 19 comments \ @DarthCoin
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