Many of my late nights are spent pondering​​, re-evaluating goals, and considering the broader impact of my actions. These moments of introspection often lead to​ insights about aligning practices/actions with the greater good in mind.

We've all had those nights lying awake, thoughts racing and taking us through memories and emotions. Deep in the quiet of the night, ideas and self-reflection come to life for me.

One concept that I have been exploring this summer​ is benevolence. I have discussed it a couple times on SNL.

While it may be viewed skeptically, benevolence often gets a bad rap when incorporated with​ profits and business.

However, I'd argue it takes courage and a commitment to consider incorporating it. ​

I would even go as far as to say I am becoming convinced that, over time, it is ​a valuable strategy​ for new projects with PMF issues​ to consider.

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