Car talks with Thomas Jestopher. They discuss building a startup in the lightning space. They also dive into building Amboss, magma liquidity, monetizing nostr, payment level privacy, and staying community-focused.


  • open protocols
  • how to monetize nostr
  • nye
  • raising funds
  • startup grind
  • amboss
  • magma
  • lightning first companies
  • accounting in lightning
  • thunderhub
  • lightning privacy
  • honey pots
  • payment level privacy
  • lightning visualizations
  • visa and master card
  • surveillance capitalism
  • open channels
  • meta
  • overbuilding in the bear market
  • network level statistics
  • zion nodes
  • lightning liquidity
  • community-focused
  • lightning documentation
  • bitcoin vc's
  • surviving
  • imposter syndrome
  • lightning network automation
  • lightning enterprise
  • taro
  • el salvador

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