Emeralize beta just launched. You can now learn, create, and earn ⚡️ with their platform. They have built an educational marketplace where you can buy and sell educational resources for bitcoin. Discover new content and learn.

How it works:


Find new and exciting content that you love.

  • Get paid to learn
  • Explore and learn new things
  • Get your own profile page with social links and tips
  • Withdraw any time
  • Automatic withdrawals to your lightning address after 100 sats earned


Share your amazing creations to earn directly from your audience

  • Post resources such as art, blogs, videos, and audio.
  • Get your own profile page with social links and tips
  • Earn tips on your creations
  • Paywall content
  • Withdraw any time
  • Automatically withdraw to your lightning address
The featured courses in the Emeralize marketplace.

Currently, in the marketplace, they have two courses available. One is a Lightning Course from ZEBEDEE. The other is the PlebDev course from PlebLab. Emeralize also allows tipping to its educators. It's pretty neat.

Bitcoin developer education is increasing in universities and community colleges. The tools are becoming easier, and lower learning barriers have never been better. With the addition of Emeralize, more educators will be able to leverage the lightning network. If you're looking to start creating educational content and make some bitcoin, get started and register an account to access emeralize.

Emeralize was created by Santos, a passionate educator, designer, builder, and leader at ZEBEDEE.

A January sponsor at Thriller is PlebLab