Your favorite bitcoin education company Base58β›“πŸ”“ has upcoming classes in Austin starting October 17th! Whether you learn best with in-person instruction or prefer to go at your own pace, the team at Base58β›“πŸ”“ has the class options for you!

Base58, the world’s best bitcoin education company, has just launched live classes in Austin for the first time.

They have classes every month till the end of the year in Austin, TX. It will feature the bitcoin transactions protocol class and meet every morning from 9 am - 12 pm.


$2,600 will be four days of live instruction. The class size is limited to 10 people. Also, save 15% if you pay in Bitcoin.

They also have a new website and Udemy course available for people who want a head start on the in-person class. 

Class Pre-Requisites

  • Strongly Recommended: This 1.5h class on Encodings and Endianness. are core topics Base58 will use on the first day of the class (and every class).
  • Optional: Andreas Antonopoulos' classic book, Mastering Bitcoin, is excellent background reading for our class.
  • Optional, and we'll help you with it if you're in a cohort: Installing a local copy of bitcoind/bitcoin-cli. We've got a guide here, but there's also plenty around the internet if you're into that sort of thing. Unless you've got some gigabytes of storage available, we highly recommend you follow the instructions for setting up your `bitcoin.conf` file with the regtest=1 set.
The team at Base58β›“πŸ”“

If you want to get up close and personal, meet them in Austin, TX, for a 4-day session capped off by the Austin BitDevs meetup at the Bitcoin Commons on Thursday!

πŸ‘‹ Check out all the Base58β›“πŸ”“ videos on BitcoinTV and YouTube to better understand what the feels are.

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