Car talks with San Antonio Bitcoin Club co-founder Ge. They discuss what the San Antonio bitcoin scene looks like these days. They also dive into building a hackerspace in San Antonio, collaborating collectively, tex-mex bbq, and building in the open.


  • san antonio bitcoin scene
  • geekdom
  • san antonio hackerspace
  • church
  • car's baptismal
  • bitcoin workshops
  • open source
  • collaborate
  • localism
  • nashville
  • hot chicken
  • valentina's tex-mex bbq
  • taco scene in san antonio
  • post covid in san antonio
  • 4k projectors
  • media consumption
  • working out
  • saunas
  • work ethic
  • fun fact - round rock ufo's
  • round rock bitcoin meetup
  • time travelers
  • spider house ballroom
  • willie nelson
  • south park meadows
  • project mayhem story
  • bitcoin block party
  • alamo bitcoin
  • hard money hard knox

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