Car talks with Jimmy Song, a renowned Bitcoin developer, educator, and entrepreneur who aims to promote sound money globally. With over a decade of experience, Jimmy offers deep insights into the technical and economic aspects of Bitcoin and his contributions as an open-source programmer, including work on Bitcoin Core. He shares his entrepreneurial journey, from participating in startups to advising, and emphasizes the importance of education and advocacy in advancing Bitcoin's cause. They also discuss the ethical dimensions of the current monetary system and cover a wide range of topics, from the technical challenges of scaling Bitcoin to the dynamics of venture capital and the significance of building sustainable, debt-free businesses within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Topics discussed:

  • capital factory
  • 2021
  • rite of passage
  • og
  • thank god
  • education
  • 2017
  • devs
  • programming
  • books
  • o'reilly
  • sprints
  • on writing
  • l2
  • scaling
  • necessity 
  • synergy
  • custodians
  • incentives
  • vc's
  • manage money
  • invest
  • startups
  • talking investments
  • builders
  • lp's
  • scaling debt
  • dividends
  • alienating startups
  • nic carter
  • kingmakers
  • two exits
  • group think
  • allocation
  • deal flow
  • merit 
  • building from savings
  • product market fit
  • ephesians
  • generational continuity 
  • jimmy's suds
  • debt free

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