Bsats is here an unofficial ios/android app for Stacker.News. The app is straightforward, has dark mode, and is simple to use. Bsats is in its early days but has some stickiness to it!

What is Stacker.News?

Stacker.News is where the bitcoin builders gather to discuss the daily bitcoin news.

SN is a place where, people who are passionate about Bitcoin can talk about Bitcoin, using Bitcoin.

Bsats is here

Bsats is the first IOS app for For the last two months, a stacker named @kale has been building the app for quietly in the background. He mentioned that he was close to finishing in August and was ready for feedback.

Bsats is now available in the AppStore on iPad and iPhone.


  • Tabbed Interface for easy navigating
  • Bookmark favorite posts
  • Dark Mode
  • Image Zoom and View mode
  • Full Markdown Rendering
  • Fancy Profile Page

My initial thoughts...

I love the initiative to quietly build and drop projects like this into the space. More people need to do this, and we should get excited when this happens. Also, love that @kale took the time to build an ios/android client out of the gate. Great way to capture the wider audience and compare and contrast data later (also, .apk is a nice touch.) Reading inside of Bsats is very lovely, especially with dark mode on. It goes edge to edge and has a flawless look to boot. Two buttons at the bottom, one for lightning and one for the user profile. Perfection. Choosing from Recent, Home, Post, and Comments is all I need right now. Also 🔥 emojis are neat. It is only read-only, but I am okay with that for now once the lightning wallet gets added with sat tipping. SN becomes a game changer on mobile!

You can download the app from:
Apple Store
Google Play

For Android users, you can also dl the apk from releases here.

💫 Fun fact: Stacker News had a lofi mockup back in April. Was created by og stacker @nout

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