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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Double, double sha256 and trouble;
Flare gas burns and immersion miners bubble.
Fillet of a proof stake,
In the mining pool coinbase;
Eye of node and tapscript,
Proof of work and chaintips,
BCash's fork and ETH's sting,
Finney's legs and Merkle's wing,
For a chain of powerful trouble,
Let a revolution boil and bubble.

Double, double sha256 and trouble;
Flare gas burns and immersion miners bubble.
Cool it with government's FUD,
Then the chain is firm and good.

Happy Hodlween, stackers!

Upcoming AMAs
  • tip_nz, bitcoin video artist and orange piller of the masses, will be doing an AMA Monday October 31st at 4p CT. Come ask tip anything!
  • Fuji Labs, purveyor of bitcoin-backed stables and synthetic assets on Liquid, will be doing an AMA Thursday November 3rd at 10a CT. Come ask Fuji anything!
Top Posts
  1. BSats is an SN mobile app available for both iOS and Android developed by stacker @kale. The app is currently read-only but scratches an itch voiced by many stackers. Thank you @kale!
  2. The P2P messaging app Keet released support for sending and receiving bitcoin via Lightning. Connect Keet to a node of your preferred make and model, and begin transferring value P2P along with messages, video chats, and files.
  3. Cash App added support for receiving Bitcoin via Lightning, finally becoming a full-featured Lightning wallet. The QR code for receiving is a unified QR code, meaning the scanning wallet can send Bitcoin to Cash App on the base layer or Lightning.
  4. tip_nz shared their recent creation The Great Resistance: A Story of Bitcoin. I find it hard to describe tip's work generically, but their videos always fill me with that "let's gooooooo!" energy.
  5. Should we have multiple implementations of the Bitcoin protocol? Naively, it's a benefit but it's more complicated than that. Accidental incompatibilities between implementations can lead to chain splits which have grave economic consequences. @scoresby walks us through the trade-offs in their post Are alternate Bitcoin implementations dangerous?.
Top AMAs
  1. Geyser, a global bitcoin crowdfunding platform for builders and creators, did an AMA. We learn about the benefits of crowdfunding on Bitcoin vs fiat, Geyser vs Tallycoin, why builders are the real drivers of bitcoin adoption, and more!
  2. Kollider, a trading-focused exchange leveraging Lightning to provide the "fastest and easiest way to trade," did an AMA. We learn about their new synthetic stablecoin wallet, their concerns around regulations and KYC, how their orderbook works, and much more!
  3. Foundation Devices, makers of the Passport Bitcoin hardware wallet, did an AMA. We learn about the team's favorite scifi novels, why they won't support Monero, their product design philosophy, Passport vs Coldcard, and more!
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