With the help of their developer DJ Seeds, Marty and the team at TFTC have created and integrated a revolutionary paywall system for their website on Ghost. Viewers can now instantly and seamlessly purchase access to articles through the use of the Lightning Network, with the ability to pay for content through anonymous channels if so desired.

As expected, Marty and TFTC are following the Bitcoin ethos and continuing their quest to revolutionize the media industry as we know it. They are constantly innovating to ensure the production of quality, high signal information for the Bitcoin-sphere. Predictably, they still stick to their roots and follow the Bitcoin way as shown by the newest update. With it, TFTC has given its users more control over the media they choose to consume, all by simply harnessing the power of the Lightning Network

Time and time again, Marty and TFTC have shown their commitment to the ideals inherent to all Bitcoiners. They have proved themselves, not by words or musings, but through actions and deeds (aka proof of work) right here in Austin. Whatever the future may hold, we can be sure that Marty and the team at TFTC will continue their struggle to educate freaks, whether it's appreciated or not.

Marty is in the Bitcoin Mecca to Build...LFG!!!