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  1. In another awesome example of nostr as a common pool resource for coordination, JoinStr is a decentralized coinjoin implementation using nostr. Serveral UIs are available ranging from a cli to an electrum plugin.
  2. @Natalia shares Different Ways for Content Creators to Integrate with Bitcoin ⚡️. Many Bitcoin earning tools have only recently become available and afaict are just the beginning.
  3. Are you an aspiring self-sovereign Bitcoin merchant who would rather not run a node? BTCPay has got your back with their new mobile app developed in partnership with LDK and Spiral.
  4. As the Drivechain War rages on, Bitcoin's security budget has become a battle zone. If we won't let The Drivechain save us, some argue tail emissions will and @josh disagrees.
  5. After suffering a week long outage due to some coincidence of Robosats' usage of LND, Robosats is back online with a new node.
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