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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Find some space for your ideas this weekend stackers!

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  1. @siggy47 conspired with @grayruby to run the Anita Posch Satsraiser. 2.7 million sats were raised for Anita's heroic education efforts in Africa which bring bitcoin to Africa but also Africa to bitcoiners.
  2. Anchor Watch provides regulated bitcoin insurance and underwrote an AMA for their CEO @Rob1Ham. We learn how Anchor Watch uses miniscript, how being a first time founder challenged Rob, how they'll maintain a moat while being FOSS, how newcoiners make the best bitcoin UX designers, how they'll determine bitcoin insurance rates, and much more!
  3. Does fiat ruin family formation? @jimmysong, author of Fiat Ruins Everything, makes the case for it.
  4. Hal Finney died has been cryopreserved for 9 years as of August 28th. Stay frosty Hal!
  5. @jennann poured five bitcoin from Gavin Andresen's bitcoin faucet in 2010, but has forgotten how they obfuscated the private key and asks for help.
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