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  1. @Michelson_Morley led an NFT launch at Vogue Magazine but quit after realizing he was making supermodel snake oil. Discovering lightning reinvigorated him; "This tech is seriously revolutionary."
  2. The Human Rights Foundation put a 2 BTC bounty out for self-custodial mobile lightning addresses. Claimant, ZapLocker by @supertestnet, serves self-generated invoices wrapped in hold invoices via lightning address.
  3. Argentina's inflation is persistent enough that presidential candidate Javier Milei wants to abolish Argentina's central bank. @runningbitcorn, an Argentinian-American relocating to Argentina for Mi Primer Bitcoin, explains what exactly Milei is proposing against Argentina's backdrop of 120% yoy inflation and unrivaled liabilities to the IMF.
  4. Stackers, subversive as ever, have joined forces to start an NFL Survivor Pool (whatever that is) and zapping this post was payment for entry.
  5. In the second Bitcoin makeover of the week, @Natalia shares finding bitcoin and herself after being greeted to the western world with crypto scams.
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