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  1. Bitcoin's social movement continues to stratify and meetup-goer @plebpoet describes one unflattering lithology.
  2. Cyber-dentists recommend FOSS-ing regularly. @nullama recommends 18 open source applications for GrapheneOS.
  3. Most of us weren't born psycohpaths (I hope), but something made us bitcoin psychopaths. @birdeye21 asks what it was. The variety of answers is surprising.
  4. Early adopters are by definition curious, but bitcoin adopters are uniquely diverse and curious in their own ways. @birdeye21 asks us what we're learning.
  5. "What’s the noise in Bitcoin?" asks @birdeye21 in their recordsetting third top post. Stackers debate the merits of Raspis, unit bias, nostr, and more.
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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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