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  1. @DarthCoin returns from another summer building his citadel nestled between two streams at high altitude and tells all.
  2. As Big Tech continues its march against privacy, @InsanelyFree coaches us through liberating our laptops.
  3. Satoshi Nakamoto's psuedonym is Japanese as was Bitcoin's earliest exchange, Mt. Gox, yet Japan isn't at the forefront of bitcoin adoption. @Dash_1971 describes the bitcoin-only tide rising in Japan.
  4. Have you got an old clunker of a UTXO? Been dreaming of a newer model? Head on down to @supertestnet's UTXO Dealership to trade it for freshly minted coinbase.
  5. @JoeNakamoto has spent six years living in the "global south." He shares his frustrating and recurring financial experiences.
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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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