Today I am starting an end of the week series on creativity formation in the Austin bitcoin scene. This will be altered concepts I have been pulling from for different projects. My hope is some Plebs here in Austin will start creating more. We definitely need more creatives in the Austin bitcoin scene

Magazine Cine-Kodak 8

Lately I have been interested in black and white photography. This started last year when I saw the Kubrick documentary. There was a point in the documentary where he discusses natural light specifically in 1957's "Paths of Glory." I personally feel all black and white photography feels more intensely real these days. Social media and mainstream news is saturated with filtered hypercolor fantasy.

Magazine Ciné-Kodak Eight Model 90 Camera

I recently went to Mustang Jewelry & Pawn down on South Congress and found this Magazine Cine-Kodak. Interesting enough it is a clockwork-driven camera that runs at 16, 26, 32, and 64 frames per-second. It seems other lenses could be used and could also be altered in regards to the length of lens. After doing some research it seems this particular model was manufactured by Kodak during the 1940's. Funny thing these magazine cameras were mass I am sure you could grab one at a pawnshop. Right now this has become a creative itch I want to scratch. Growing up my mom always encouraged me to create on different mediums. She would say one influences the other and would open up different senses.

Octagonal Churches

Within the past week I have been quite fascinated with octagonal churches. According to a duck duck go search, a large number of Christian churches were built during the Roman Empire. A small number of these churches were designed with an octagonal plan. The church I am currently apart of has this design. I never actually noticed it before but it began me raising the question. Why this plan type? One of the leaders in the church expressed that octagonal churches made a resurgence in the late 1970's...that explains why we have one. I find it interesting how octagons in general are able to be created within a circle. I can see the mysticism around the spherically aspects of an octagon. Its infinity.

Making major changes...

You are going, not indeed in search of the New World, like Columbus and his adventurers, nor yet an Other World that is to come, but in search of the Other World that now is, and ever has been, though undreamt of by the many, and by the greater part even of the Few. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Over the course of this year I have been honest with the changes I have made in my life. I have tweeted out multiple times about different progress updates. I created a bitcoin twitter thread below about this if your interested in what I am doing...⬇️

🎵 Sunday listening: I'll Be Around by The Spinners

see you next Sunday Plebs✌️