Keyan did a great write up on Stacker.News discussing his point of view about the recent #SATSx Hackathon. He gives a developer point of view on all the winners.

Best Overall - pleb.fmIt's a lightning powered juke box where you bid for a song in sats. The song with the most sats will be played next. Imagine you're at a Bit Devs early, trying to get @ODELL to sign your big natties. While you're breathing heavy waiting for odell to notice you, you'd like to listen to Who Let the Dogs Out. You connect to the local Pleb FM server, select the song and pay a high enough invoice that you're sure it will play next. Odell gives you the eye, and it's you, you're the one who let 'em out. Cool right?! Apparently it was inspired somewhat by SN. It is lightning powered economic ranking in a juke box context. It also was very close to fully working. This got the team of Stephen, Alex, and soon to be Austinite Asher 4 million big ones.
Most On-Theme - Whisper VillageIt's basically a way for Bitcoin recipients to receive donations effectively to a single address, much like the Canadian truckers wanted to do, but without the censorship risk because each address is unique from the payer's perspective. Each payer gets a unique address to send funds to because the recipient's actual address is added to another ephemeral address using elliptic curve point addition. The private key to this ephemeral address is then sent to the recipient via some communication channel so that they can redeem the funds using their personal private key and the ephemeral one. It's kind of neat and was a project suggested by @supertestnet. As such, it was on theme and Chris and the other team member kiki snagged 1 million smackers.

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SNL is a thing

Also Keyan started a weekly podcast called SNL...short for Stacker News Live. It covers all the top stories on Stacker News. Myself and Keyan just had our 6th episode. Check out all the videos on BitcoinTV. I think we even discussed the #SATSx Hackathon as well.