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  1. @ProXaviar found an early thread on Bitcoin Talk where Satoshi lays out a timeless argument defending Bitcoin's energy consumption and convinces the original OP:

    I am now inclined to think that bitcoin is in fact high EFFICIENT [sic] rather than inefficient [...] Something like a government issued fiat currency may not have any obvious energy burden beyond its printing - but in fact, maintaining the value of a fiat currency requires a substantial investment in maintaining police enforcement, a legal system, and national defense.

  2. Bisq, the decentralized Bitcoin exchange network, appears to be coming to Umbrel soon. OP teased us with an image of Bisq, which normally runs as a desktop app, running in a browser, a prerequisite for being an Umbrel app.

  3. LND suffered another wire parsing bug very similar to the one that occurred a few weeks ago. This time, however, the LND bug was intentionally targeted with a non-standard tx sent directly to a miner. The bug resurfaced arguments against reimplementing parts of Bitcoin Core and responsible disclosure of such bugs. Update your LND nodes to v0.15.4 if you haven't already.

  4. Tony Giorgio, between making the world's best linguine with clams, wrote a tutorial on Using LNsploit to Steal from LND nodes. The tutorial guides you through installing LNSploit, creating a regtest Lightning network with Polar, and stealing funds from those regtest nodes by using LNSploit's toolkit.

  5. Blixt wallet, a non-custodial Lightning wallet, released v0.6.0. The release includes a port for MacOS, Taproot support, sats as the standard, additional language translations, and more.

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  1. tip_nz, bitcoin video artist, did an AMA. We learn about Tip's preferred video editing software, how she breaks through to new audiences by asking questions, her creative process, investing on a Bitcoin standard, and much more!
  2. Fuji Labs, purveyor of bitcoin-backed stables and synthetic assets on Liquid, did an AMA. We learn that Fuji doesn't have a kill switch, where they see themselves in 5 years, why synthetic stocks haven't taken off yet, an ELI5 explanation of Fuji, and more!
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