Many thanks to ⚡️PlebLab for sponsoring this month at Thriller. PlebLab helps early-stage Bitcoin start-ups build the future of decentralized finance. PlebLab is located in Austin, Texas, at the heart of the financial district. At its core, PlebLab is a group of misfit hackers who firmly believe that supporting developers is critical for bitcoin to continue. They support outstanding projects and teams in several ways:

  • Working directly one on one with Bitcoin & Lightning startups
  • Granting workspace among other brilliant Bitcoin developers at Pleb Lab
  • Providing startup advisory and mentoring
  • Providing business development, marketing, and strategy

PlebLab also hosts hackathons and weekly workshops on Saturdays to sharpen your bitcoin skills and co-sponsors the Austin Bitcoin Design Club and the Austin Bitcoin Club. They are a hub for bitcoin developers inside of Austin.

They will also do weekly developer workshops. RSVP for all the events on the Meetup Page.

Thank you again to PlebLab for sponsoring this month on Thriller.

👋 Also, if you are a Bitcoin company looking to sponsor Thriller, we still have a few openings for monthly sponsors in November. Get in touch if you have a product or service to promote to Thriller's audience. And remember that monthly sponsorships include one sponsored post and an inserted ad in every published post that month. We also add your company to the menu bar as well.