We extend our heartfelt appreciation to PlebLab for supporting Thriller this month. As a frontrunner in nurturing early-stage Bitcoin startups, PlebLab is at the forefront of fostering innovation in the heart of Austin, Texas. In the vibrant financial district, PlebLab redefines the workspace concept, evolving into a vibrant community accelerator where unconventional hackers, entrepreneurs, and developers unite, believing that builder support is crucial for Bitcoin's sustained success and expansion.

PlebLab’s mission is to foster an inclusive community of developers, hackers, creatives, and enthusiasts of open-source software/hardware. Creating a space where individuals can collaborate, elevate their skills, and transform seemingly impossible

PlebLab distinguishes itself with a comprehensive strategy to cultivate talent and innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem:

  • Personalized Engagement: Deep, one-on-one interactions with everyone in PlebLab, offering guidance when applicable.
  • Collaborative Hackerspace: A vibrant setting that encourages Bitcoin builders to thrive alongside each other.
  • In-depth Advisory and Mentorship: Extensive advisory and mentorship, coupled with networking opportunities within the PlebLab community, to bolster growth.
  • Business and Marketing Support: Tailored assistance in business development and marketing strategies to ensure your Bitcoin journey is well-positioned for success.

PlebLab is a pillar of continuous learning and community involvement, with regular technical and business workshops every Saturday to enhance your skills. PlebLab was born out of the local grassroots Bitcoin scene in 2021. It continues contributing to the local developer scene, positioning itself as an anchor for Bitcoin builders in Austin.

We are excited to highlight PlebLab's role in turning Bitcoin aspirations into realities, especially through the anticipated PlebLab Startup Day during SXSW in collaboration with the Bitcoin Commons.

Experience the Vibrancy of Startup Day:

Startup Day transcends a mere event, a melting pot of creativity, dialogue, and opportunity, highlighted by the exhilarating Top Builder competition. This event gathers leading Bitcoin minds to present groundbreaking projects in a supportive environment that fosters growth and collaboration. It's a unique opportunity to interact with the early pioneers in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Key Features of Startup Day:

  • Biannual Gathering: A pivotal event for Bitcoin startups featuring the Top Builder competition, builder sessions, workshops, announcements, and panels aimed at fostering ecosystem growth.
  • Top Builder Competition: The heart of Startup Day, where teams compete to showcase innovative projects, promoting a culture of creativity and collaboration.
  • Speaker Panels: Access to invaluable insights from experienced Bitcoin builders on the evolving Bitcoin landscape and startup growth strategies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with founders, builders, and venture capitalists in a full day with announcements.

The day starts with breakfast and coffee, leading to keynote speeches, startup panels, and the Top Builder Competition. The evening offers further networking, the Top Builder announcement, and concludes with an afterparty, ensuring a day rich in opportunities for connection and celebration.

Circle March 14th, 2024, on your calendars for PlebLab Startup Day and purchase your pass now.

Get Your Startup Day Pass Now!Secure Your Front-Row Seat to Bitcoin InnovationHurry, prices increase March 10th, 2024.

PlebLab's dedication to education and community is evident through their regular developer and business workshops. We encourage those interested to secure their spots via the Meetup Page and to participate in the Open Co-Working Days at PlebLab.

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