Car talks with Justin of Shocknet. They discuss how the Shocknet team has been at the forefront of leveraging Lightning Network since its early testing phase in 2018. The discussion covers the services and products Shocknet offers, such as the Shock Wallet and its pioneering infrastructure for lightning nodes, which empowers users with self-custody, fostering a more equitable ecosystem. They delve into Lightning Video and the integration of Nostr, exploring the potential of PoW and the significance of a web of trust for Nostr's wider adoption. The conversation also touches upon the broader implications of L2 solutions and the ongoing scaling debate within the Bitcoin community, highlighting Shocknet's no-regret approach to committing to Lightning.

Topics discussed:

  • shocknet
  • free state
  • lightning wallets
  • nostr
  • shock wallet
  • lightning node
  • lightning pub
  • uncle jim
  • self-custody
  • lightning video
  • nostr pow
  • zaps
  • wavlake
  • pow socials
  • zap rank
  • web of trust
  • nostr adoption
  • l2 
  • scaling debate
  • history repeats
  • wait and see
  • voltage
  • zeus
  • no regrets
  • bitcoin startup
  • turn key

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