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  1. Through the rise and fall of their commercial real estate business, @grayruby became a bitcoiner. Their story serves as entry in the first ~BooksAndArticles writing contest.
  2. @mallardshead compares Bitcoin to The Constitution. Both are foundations that despite volatility unwind into escalating freedoms.
  3. Lightning node xmrk lost a fatal amount of channel state during a maintenace procedure. @xmrk2 announces the node's closure, shares what led to the data loss, and requests that channel partners return any penalty funds.
  4. @davidw asks us to consider the future of work particularly in the context of Bitcoin being a dominant form of payment.
  5. Zap meme is a lot like SN, but for memes. @zapmeme shares their progress and builds in the open.
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Top Monday meme \ 51.8k sats \ @MathiuJ

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Top Friday fun fact \ 10.3k sats \ @oliverweiss

Sir Andre Geim, who had been awarded an Ig Nobel Prize (a satiric prize) in 2000 for levitating a frog by magnetism, was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics in 2010 for his work with the electromagnetic properties of graphene. He is the only individual, as of 2023, to have received both a Nobel and an Ig Nobel.

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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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A guy who works on Stacker News

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