Car talks with Francisco Chavarria of Yopaki. During their conversations, they explore the world of Bitcoin by discussing the concept of bitcoin-only exchanges in Mexico. Additionally, they delve into a variety of other topics, including Yopaki, the growing tech hub of Latin America, and the bustling startup scene in Silicon Slopes.

  • aztec empire
  • peso
  • yopaki
  • building in stealth
  • remittance payments
  • financial system of mexico
  • dca bitcoin
  • guadalajara, mexico
  • chilango
  • utah
  • silicon slopes
  • tech startups vs bitcoin startups
  • latin america
  • market strategy
  • pursuing excellence
  • based fathers
  • max and stacy
  • pleblab
  • bitcoin-only exchanges in mexico
  • smartphones
  • el salvador
  • startup grind
  • quantitative finance
  • actuary
  • polyglot
  • nacho libre
  • startup day
  • work ethic
  • roma norte
  • the essence of happiness

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