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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

If you've been struggling to comprehend nostr, stop thinking about it as decentralized social media and start thinking about it as less centralized social media. Nostr makes application backends interchangeable and encourages using multiple backends simultaneously. That's it. It isn't decentralized in the way Bitcoin is. But, more importantly, it isn't centralized in the way Twitter is either. It's less centralized enough that nostriches aren't dependent on a single centralized entity and thus applications built on nostr have significantly altered incentives.

Someone I'm forced to respect once tweeted:

Unless a technology changes incentives, it merely helps history repeat faster.

Nostr changes incentives. What comes next isn't a digital utopia, but its harder to predict than you think.

Pura Vida, stackers!

Top Posts
  1. The team from Starbackr announced Current, a mobile nostr client with novel features like BIP-39 seed word backups and a built in lightning wallet.
  2. @richnost asks Can we take a moment to appreciate how far lightning has come? While there's still a lot of work to be done, we should be grateful for the network's progress. Bitcoin and Lightning are amazing.
  3. Linux maxis, @kst_winterhodler wants to know What is your favorite Linux distribution, and why?. Stackers preferences vary from the security-centric Qubes to the user-friendly Ubuntu and in between.
  4. The SEC's crack down on staking protocols threatens the casino-side business of many centralized exchanges (CEX). @mallardshead argues companies like Coinbase can't survive the loss of this revenue in Coinbase, Kraken, Binance-->their business models don't work anymore.
  5. Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #238 covers the bitcoin-dev mailing list's recent discussion around Ordinals, both moving them offchain and making it more straightforward to put them onchain, and some of the flaws in certain multiparty protocols as they relate to fees.
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