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  1. Lightning network growth has slowed and @Birkeland thinks it's due the UX of running a node. The argument is familiar: nodes need to be regularly online and find good peers; this asks too much of the average user; instead, users will choose centralized and custodial solutions - the antithesis of Bitcoin.
  2. The Lightning network produces publicly available information as it runs. As with all public information, it's subject to collection, monitoring, and as @nullcount warns, surveillance.
  3. Gigi lays out A Vision for a Value-enabled Web. Without digitally native money, online services and goods recoup their costs through hacks on attention, identity, and all manner of inefficient schemes better suited to real money being paid in real time. Gigi is ahead of his time as usual - the productivity Bitcoin will unlock on the web goes largely ignored, even by bitcoiners.
  4. Liana is a WIP Bitcoin wallet from Revault that provides an alternative, timelocked spending path for the Bitcoin it stores. Liana's wallet allows you to give a secondary key to an heir, for instance, that can only be used to spend the Bitcoin in an inheritance scenario.
  5. Drivechain founder Paul Sztorc raised $3m for Layer 2 Labs to continue development on the Bip300 sidechain, "improve Bitcoin's UX", and to work on "high-risk, high-reward problems" like "prediction markets and a resurrected Namecoin."
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  1. Transcript Proofreader \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote
  3. Senior Rust Applications & Frameworks Engineer \ Foundation \ Remote
  4. Project & Operations Manager \ Foundation \ Remote
  5. Split audio into segments based on topic \ Sphinx \ Remote
  6. Neo4j Consultant \ Sphinx \ Remote

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