Zaprite does even more now. The payment flows have become unlimited. Payment connections now include Stripe, Strike, Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, LND, and even ACH. All without giving up your privacy.

The great thing about Zaprite is you can connect to apps you already use. I was able to connect both LND, Liquid and Stripe in a 15min session. The Zaprite dashboard overview includes bitcoin invoicing with unlimited payment options now. Also includes invoicing done right with project management and expense tracking built in.

Leverage the power 
of Zaprite and connect to everywhere

The great thing about Zaprite is you can connect to apps you already use currently. Eliminate tedious, manual data entry by inputing data in multiple places. With Zaprite you now have the ability to connect apps you already use. Payment flows like the new Stripe integration automatically into your Stripe books. Invoicing at its finest. 👌

Stripe integration is flawless

😚 new stripe integration flow

Zaprite now offers the ability to connect your Stripe account and offer direct credit and debit card payments on your invoices. Spend less time on line items and more time getting paid faster in a multitude of ways.

stripe integration is flawless 💯

Moar payment options

Zaprite has simplified and automated many invoicing tasks that use to be a pain point for many companies accepting Bitcoin. Now with a multitude of new payment options Zaprite has become the standard for how invoicing and accounting should flow in a post bitcoin world.

Moar features are coming

Zaprite has truly become the easiest way to get paid in everything. Why waste your time with the old accounting and invoicing options in the fiat world? Move over to simply beautiful, professional invoices with ease.

John chats with Muzz of Lightning Ventures on the future of Zaprite