Car talks with Sahil Chaturvedi, the mind behind Studio Twentyone, a design studio specializing in elevating Bitcoin product design. Sahil, an advisor to BTC Talent Co. and co-host of the Austin Bitcoin Design Club, shares his insights on the importance of intentionality in design. They discuss Sahil's sources of inspiration, the concept of 'cellar door' as an epitome of aesthetic taste. They also cover BTC Talent Co., the challenges and limits faced in the design process, and his perspective on the current trends and transformations in Bitcoin design occurring this year.

Topics discussed:

  • 2023
  • routine
  • abdc
  • calendar
  • limits
  • movies
  • inspiration
  • cellar door
  • taste
  • bitcoin design
  • bitcoin branding
  • hands off
  • newsletter
  • austin
  • mutiny white tee
  • intentionality
  • btc talent co
  • flex
  • get on zero
  • ach btc

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