My reaction, "Its Simply Beautiful" to Ozzy, Asher and Paul cutting down 💩 coin projects in their recent Impervious AI Hackathon submission.
Impervious API is a programmatic layer that sits on top of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, i.e. "Layer 3." Developers can leverage the Impervious API to easily build secure p2p data transmissions and payments into their applications and services.

At the recent Impervious AI Hackathon, Ozzy, Asher, and Paul placed 2nd with a very interesting submission. The idea is to integrate Bitcoin, Lnd, Impervious and now the BitTorrent file sharing protocol. The genius behind this is the secure P2P transport Lightning provides + the P2P file sharing protocol BitTorrent provides. Some where Satoshi and Bram Cohen are smiling upon thee Ozzy, Asher and Paul.

Most bitcoiners also know that Ozzy, Asher and Paul also cut down like dozens of 💩 coin projects with this submission including Justin Sun's own BTT token lol.

The main issue with BitTorrent sharing has always been the swarm of seeds on the network. These are the individuals who host the files. Ozzy, Asher, and Paul have built a marketplace to incentivize seeding. How they got this done in 2 weeks is absolutely bonkers. So glad we have these pioneers building on Lightning. Check out the video to see how this all works and give them a shout out on Twitter.

Check out the Gitlab and also checkout Impervious.

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