BitcoinFax is a project that started back in 2015 and was running until 2018 with on-chain payments. The project has emerged again like a phoenix from the ashes, this time with Lightning.

What is Bitcoin Fax?

Bitcoin Fax allows you to send faxes anywhere in the world. It also does it with minimal fuss, and no sign-up is required.

How it works

  1. Enter a fax number
  2. Upload a PDF (maximum 10MB)
  3. Pay with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network

Lightning Network node

Node public key: 02d875382a2f30533a1eba1bde7e71b414f942da8be37ef7f47dfde119ac1f405c

  • IPv4:
  • Tor: fdjq5xqbhifvgw33ymdlqfsnt5fkatr37qzq7ee4lbjpfeid5qrkkvad.onion:9735
  • 1ML

The Plebs love it!

🤣 In a recent episode of PBS, the Bitcoin white paper was sent to the IMF. Letting them kindly know a solution called Bitcoin is out there.

Turns out the IMF has their fax number right on their site.

It seems like the Plebs are building bridges to the old financial institutions whether they like it or not!