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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I had been trying to write an opening to this newsletter for an hour. I wanted to say something about the over-application of confidence outside of action-oriented and reflex-oriented activities, but was struggling to confidently articulate it.

I'm confident you'll have a great weekend, stackers!

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  1. Nicolas Burtey, CEO and cofounder of Galoy, found Cash App's lightning nodes. Apparently they have not 2, but 3, lightning nodes as confirmed by Danny Deezy, software engineer at Cash App. Fun facts: they only have channels to River, Open Node, and okcoin; they also have prohibitively high outgoing fees to discourage routing through them.
  2. lnproxy allows you to hide your node pubkey from anyone sending you lightning payments. Think of it like a VPN for an invoice. 500 lines of GPL-3'd golang code and using HODL invoices, lnproxy does at the application layer what rendezous routing and route blinding promise to do at the protocol layer.
  3. THNDR released a Bitcoin solitaire game, Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, and stopped by to do an AMA.
  4. Rene Aaron open sourced a Lightning app template, providing boilerplate for doing things like lnurl-auth for authentication and WebLN/QR-codes for accepting payments to a lightning address. You might remember Rene from when he released twentyuno, a lightning donation widget, a few months ago.
  5. At the Baltic Honeybadger Conference, Jack Mallers announced Strike's plans to pay open source lightning wallet devs for paying to Strike's PoS merchant terminals. The tentative proposal requires wallet devs provide information proving they paid to a Strike terminal at which point Strike will send them some sats.
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